Why Need To Increase Digital Payments during Covid-19

Vehid Abdullahi

The COVID-19 has affected the whole world physically as well as mentally. The world economy has also fallen down, the most powerful countries of the world are broke. Nobody has ever thought that they will have to face this type of situation in their life, but this is what happens when someone tries to play with nature.

Ever since this epidemic happened the online industries has come to its peak, the digital payment transactions have also increased. And it should keep increasing because it is not safe to exchange cash hand to hand since the epidemic happened.

We all together need to increase the use of digital payments during this COVID-19. The reason behind this is to promote social distancing we can make digital transactions without even getting in touch with anyone. Hence we all will be promoting social distancing.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Increase Digital Payments During Covid-19

  1. Safety

The number one reason will always be safety. Digital payment helps to keep ourselves safe from getting in touch with anyone. Since we would have no idea about who is suffering from coronavirus, we would not want to get in touch with anyone, if we use the traditional ways to pay any seller we might get in touch with them. But if we use the digital payment method we will be safe and secure and we will not get in touch with anyone. Hence we will be safe.

  • Contactless Way To Pay

Another benefit of using a digital payment method is that it is a contactless way of payment which means whenever we pay to client, company, or seller we will not be in contact with them. Which clearly promotes social distancing. In this way, we can teach others also, that how important digital payment is in our life in this epidemic.

  • It Will Help Business To Generate Sales

Since this epidemic has happened a lot of people are restricted to go out, and this has affected a lot of businesses, but if we use digital payment method we can easily buy things we want just by sitting at home. And it will help businesses to generate sales and this way the economy can also come back on track. It can take some time to grow our economy but will be very useful.

  • Economy Will Keep Moving

We really need to increase the digital transactions if we want our economy to keep moving, because there is the direct relationship between the production, consumption, and spending which decides the economic growth of a country if the production keeps going on and we stop spending and consumption it will be worst for the economic growth. And through digital transactions, we can start spending and consumption which can help the economy keep moving on a positive side.

  • Technology Enhancement

Using the digital way of payment helps to enhance technology and its importance, which is very important in this dynamic world. Since technology is very important it will teach normal people to use technology in their day to day life.

These five points are enough to clarify that why you really need to increase the digital payment during this Covid-19 epidemic. You will find a lot of apps for digital payments but one of the best is Pallapay founded by Mr. Vehid Abdullahi. whether you are a business owner or an individual you can use pallapay and its services. It is one of the best apps that can also be used as a digital wallet.

PallaPay has an expert team with knowledge of local and global payment processing systems, and have made their online transaction system easy to use. The system features regional payment method preferences, translation of checkout in twenty languages, and supports more than a hundred trusted payment methods.

PallaPay also lets its users make payments with whichever method they prefer, from local payments to a digital wallet. Users can pay in any currency in a quick and secure manner.


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