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Loss of teeth significantly disturb your quality of life by making everyday activities such as eating and speaking cumbersome if such hindrances are stopping you from living go for dental implants a convenient option to give a try to retain your life’s quality back. George Pegios a qualified dental implant surgeon suggests it for a permanent and lifelong replacement option for missing tooth.

Lifelong replacement option for missing tooth

What Dental Implant Means?

A dental implant is nothing but a permanent fixture i.e. embedded within the jaw bone inside your mouth to support natural teeth by supporting prosthesis they act as orthodontic anchor.  Dental implant is a biological process that uses titanium material to form an intimate bond to bone.

How to Dental Implant Work?

The success and excellent durability of dental implants is dependent upon their ability to form direct contact with the surrounding jawbone. This process is known as osseointegration and ensures that the any prosthesis that is placed over the implants and retains its stability and functionality. Implants looks like natural ones and are apt to fill vacant space.

Why One Should Go for Implants?

Generally, missing teeth affects facial appearance, you should consider getting an implant:

  • If you want to have long term and durable replacement for your missing teeth implants.
  • If you are interested to improve your facial esthetics by getting your missing teeth replaced.
  • If you want to eat and speak without any difficulty.
  • If you want to keep aside the discomfort of eating and speaking.
  • If you want to get rid of inconvenience of dentures.

Why Dental implants are Better Than Dentures?

Dental implants are gaining worldwide popularity because of following advantages:

Enjoy Your Beautiful Smile

Losses of teeth not only affect your smile but ruin your facial aesthetics as well. Dental implants recover your beautiful smile once again on your face with natural charm.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Smile

Improved Oral Hygiene

Maintaining oral hygiene around dental bridges can be difficult as the bristle are unable to remove food particle under them. Implants can be used to achieve optimal dental health because one can carry out brushing on them as it is carried out on natural teeth.


Dental implants recovers comfort your life through quality eating experience. When you replace your missing teeth George retains your natural eating experience and boosts comfort level inside your mouth.

Explores Your Eating

People who go for implants they need to avoid eating sugary and sticky food. Because they provide room for cavity build up and results in cavities. With implants you can have optimal dental health as they are made of metals and are less prone to cavities.

Implants are next best to recover your dental functionality so say good bye to all your dental issues and enhance the real comfort in your mouth. When it comes to durability, if maintained properly implants could be with you life time or approximately for 15 years, if you are in need of professional help feel free to contact George Pegios a pioneer implant surgeon.


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