What environmental education websites can Teach You About e-Waste Management?

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According to most of environmental education websites, E-waste is also known as the WEEE that stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The e-waste refers to those electronic or electrical products that are discarded, surplus, or obsolete, broken.

Improper E-waste management can affect human health and our ecosystem. Therefore, it becomes vital for humans to understand the importance of proper e-waste management. The e-wastes are called poisonous, as there are a few electronic products that contain harmful materials.
e-Waste Management for Environmental Solutions

Here we have given a few environmental solutions for E-waste management.

Let’s have a look at the solutions.

Re-evaluate: Re-evaluation of the e-wastes is a great solution. If we evaluate the e-waste items that we have thrown, then the effect of e-waste management will be minimized for sure.
Extend the life-span of electronics: If the items are manufactured in such a way so that the life-span of these electronic wastes gets increased, therefore it becomes very convenient for our environment.
Purchase environment-friendly electronics: People always should be aware of electronic products or gadgets, whether they are friendly to the environment or not. When you are going to buy any electronic gadget, you must check this aspect. It is one of the great environmental solutions for e-waste management.
Donate electronic gadgets that are used to social services: By giving the electronic products to the social programs that you have already used is an excellent way for environmental solutions.
Reuse large electronics: Don’t throw away the heavy electronics. Instead, you should try to reuse those electronic products.

What is e-Waste by environmental education websites?

The e-waste or electronic waste means those electrical or electronic devices that are discarded. If any electronic gadget that is destined for resale, recycle, or reuse is also known as e-waste.
When a lifetime of an electronic gadget is going to be finished, then we call it as e-waste. Computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, copiers, and fax machines are a few instances of fundamental electronic gadgets. We can reuse, refurbish, or recycle some of these products again and again.

e-Waste Effects on Environment

E-waste can fall a harmful impact on the environment. Therefore, it becomes vital for us to follow the right E-waste managementso that we can protect ourselves and the environment from the harmful chemicals. For this, we need to recycle e-waste and use them again. Here we have given a few points by following which you get to know about the e-waste effects on the environment. And you can also understand why we need to set-up proper e-waste management.
•Electronic gadgets such as computers and other electronic items consist of some poisonous materials like Lead, zinc, nickel, barium, and chromium. As there remains Lead that is one of the most harmful chemicals, therefore it can affect our environment. If we don’t make correct E-waste management, therefore it may cause damage to human blood, kidneys. Apart from this, People who have nerve problems can face serious health problems.
•We know that poisonous chemicals get released into the environment when we warm up the used electronic gadgets. Therefore, it can damage the environment. Read environmental education websites today.
•People usually throw electronic products after use. As soon as we have thrown those used items, the materials that can harm the environment enter into the groundwater. As a result, both sea animals and land animals get affected. Besides, we see that it is causing a bad impact on the health of people in well-developed nations where the number of manufacturing e-waste products is very high. That is why it becomes crucial for us to follow the right e-waste management. Know more at Earth blog.
•According to the statistics by environmental education websites, there are merely 10% of cell phones that are recycled in the United States. We can see that most people in the US use new mobiles every year. It is an excellent instance of generating electronic waste. As we can’t see, there not much recycling; therefore, these e-waste problems are increasing daily.

You should know that the people living in Guiyu, China, are facing substantial digestives, neurological, respiratory, and bone problems.

e-Waste Effects on Human Health

The harmful chemicals can cause human health issues. Apart from this, we can also see that children get affected badly die to these toxic materials. Even fatal diseases can be occurred due to the direct exposure of chemicals of these materials. As soon as the e-waste is thrown away, it causes chemical poisoning.

•The toxic materials such as mercury, lead, cadmium, polybrominated flame retardants, barium, and lithium can cause serious health issues.

•You can find PVC or polyvinyl chloride in those electronic gadgets that are made of plastic. Therefore, these e-wastes are very harmful to human health.
•We can see congenital disabilities due to these poisonous chemicals.
•These can damage our brain, heart, liver, kidney, and skeletal system.
•Nervous and reproductive systems also get affected due to these poisonous chemicals.

Countries with most e-Waste 10 Countries

Country e-Waste in Ton
China 7.2 million
The United States 6.3 million
Japan 2.1 million
India 2.0 million
Germany 1.9 million
Brazil 1.5 million
Russia 1.4 million
France 1.4 million
Indonesia1.13 million
Italy 1.12 million

Recycling of e-Waste

E-waste recycling becomes a major topic to discuss across the globe nowadays. Accurate e-waste management can help us in this case by minimizing environmental hazards and pollution. Therefore, we can protect ourselves and other animals from the harmful effects of such products. Recycling electronic gadgets are very much significant. But while doing it, you should check whether the recycling process is getting done in a safe manner or not.
E-waste recycling means the reusing of electrical and electronic gadgets. If we want to protect our health and the environment, proper e-waste management is very crucial. That’s why it is our first duty to focus on the awareness of recycling and reusing electronic gadgets.
Countries recycling e-Waste Most

CountriesRecycling Percentage

Germany 56.1%
Austria 53.8%
South Korea 53.7%
Wales 52.2%
Switzerland 49.7%
Italy 49.7%
Belgium 49.4%
Netherlands 46.3%
Slovenia 45.8%
Singapore 34.0%

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