The Remarkable Darknet Market Takedowns Creating History

Remarkable Darknet Market Takedowns Creating History

There have been so many darknet market takedowns and are continuing as well. But not all of them are remarkable or created a history. The most striking ones are the Silk Road, AlphaBay and Hansa Market. Here, we will go through these prominent dark web markets.

  • Silk Road Takedown

The Silk Road Darknet marketplace was Ross Ulbricht who was arrested against several charges. In the year 2013, the law enforcement agencies arrested the then 29 year old California geek who operated the drug marketplace for over 2 years with impunity. The Silk Road, the Amazon of the dark web is what made the section of the internet so popular. The dark web market traded illicit drugs, stolen credit card credentials, child pornography and weapons in broad daylight. The dark web market’s authorities and the users were suspecting the algorithm of Tor Network that might have been compromised.

  • AlphaBay& Hansa Market Takedown

The AlphaBay Market and the Hansa Darknet Market were simultaneously taken down.The unknown fact to many is that the operation to takedown the marketplace was known as Operation Bayonet that only featured the Hansa dark web market. Be it fortunate enough or unfortunate enough, AlphaBay market was also found during the operation and both were taken down simultaneously. Hansa was already on the radar for a very long time for the German officials. The FBI just had their added efforts, ran an undercover surveillance for a good 2 weeks where they ran the website of Hansa on their own servers and finally got hold of the administrator. One of the servers directly linked them to the AlphaBaydark web market and that it saw a downfall as well.

There are many other marketplaces that are taken down. With that being said, several other nefarious dark web websites have been taken down as well.

The Dark Web’s Research Pirates

The darknet is a huge mass of the internet where both good and bad exist simultaneously. Though it is a proven fact that most of the people often relate the dark web as the darkest place on the internet that mainly deals with criminal activities, very little mass actually know the beneficial side of the dark web.

There are several websites that offer free access to the paywalled academic papers in the dark web. Some of them are shut down while some others have already a backup for their existence. There already is a battle or a conflict whether the academic papers and the research works be made free and that it is overflowing into the dark web.

As a matter of fact, most of the modern scholarly works remain locked behind the paywalls and you have to pay a fee unless and until your computer is on the network of any University having an expensive subscription that is often around 30 dollars per paper.

A few years ago a university student in Kazakhstan set free the vast trove of the paywalled academic research paper. The student by the name AlexandaElbakyan had developed Sci-Hub which is an online tool or dark web website (.onion link) that permitted users to download paywalled papers for free and very easily. The website used the University networks to access the academic papers that are made subscription only and usually without the knowledge of the University authorities. Whenever an user asks for any paid paper, the website gives them access to the paid paper and asks them to download it in PDF and it also saves a copy of the same in its server so that if anyone else asks for it, they can download from the cached version of the file format.


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