The Real Tale of Peak Leady – Queen of Spades

Paul tomsky is the grandson of anna fedotovna, a pal of hermann, who informed him the name of the game of his grandmother. Chekalinsky is a skilled gambler, a millionaire. The way to tale revolves around Hermann as Americas pumpkin queen

The story “queen of spades” turned into finished by Pushkin within the fall of 1833. That is the poet’s maximum mysterious work. The conspiracy is linked to the unpredictability of destiny, the selection of human values and mysticism. Inside the time of the tale, he turned into progressive and executed tremendous success. At receptions, playing cards, they positioned them on mystical playing cards from the queen’s matches. A. Pushkin “queen of spades”: brief summary of episode one at The News Engine

An amazing story becomes instructed on the nighttime prepared by means of horse defend Naumov. It became said with the aid of relying tom sky. Her grandmother becomes a beautiful, self-willed, and famous female round her. And at some point, he misplaced quite a money. The husband, who typically bribed her, has without a doubt refused to pay the sort of sum. Then back to be counted Saint-German for assist. He had vital equipment on the time. No longer only did he not provide the buildup of money, but counseled a one-of-a-kind manner – to make amends. He confided three playing cards for the count. That equal night, he planted a card for the countess. A person else and back all his debt. He did not trust everybody together with his mystery. And he handiest helped chaplet sky play as soon as, but provided he would not play anymore. The whole tale becomes given to a younger officer. Herman. He got here from a poor own family, could not find the money for to play. However, he desired to be in the sport. And this tale hit the depths of his soul.

Short Precis of the second one episode

The antique countess has been nevertheless within the strength of it slow. He watched cautiously to observe the etiquette of his children; it took him a few hours to beautify. Lanka became dwelling with him as a terrible scholar. He had to bear the absurd nature of the count on of Tomsk. Most effective all of the younger people have been careful and did not pay much interest. But there had been a few incidents close by. They stated they made Liza vertical and believed inside the international round her. Earlier than his window, a surprising teenager started out to appear all of the time. That turned into the young German. This street determined to use Lisa to go to the old be counted.

Short summary of episode 3

Herman sends love notes to liza each day. He’s in a variety of pain, but he’s constantly crushing them. However soon Lisa will surrender till she surrenders home and calls her for a check-up. Herman’s on her way home. He hides in his office and waits for all servants to crumble. Herman, who leaves the refuge, is attempting to explain to tomsky why this secret wishes it. However, the countess would not seem to have heard of him. Whilst Herman receives indignant, she starts threatening her, handiest the countess abruptly dies. A young guy leaves a useless vintage lady and rises to lizanka. He confesses everything to her there. She changed into very disenchanted, she realized she was incorrect. Now not handiest does Herman contact her tears. And Herman came to mention good-bye to her. He failed to repent, but the voice of judgment of right and wrong said he turned into nonetheless a murderer. He went out to countess Herman at night time. He turned into within the equal shape as he did at some stage in his meetings. The antique woman gave her a secret. It turned into referred to as three playing cards: 3, seven, one ace. But right here’s the factor: she should marry Lisa. When she unearths out her secret, Herman decides to check her destiny. He is sitting on the table at wealthy gamers. He guesses the whole thing he had. Then he back domestic with a massive win for 2 days. On the 1/3 day, instead of simply one ace, the dominion of spades is captured. Due to the truth that everything’s lacking, Herman’s going loopy.

hermann – an army engineer, a German, calculating, cautious, robust-willed man, caught in the captivity of the passion for cards. Anna fedotovna is an old countess who possessed the secret of three cards. Lizaveta ivanovna is a younger, beautiful lady, a pupil of anna fedotovna, a negative relative. Paul tomsky is the grandson of anna fedotovna, a pal of hermann, who informed him the name of the game of his grandmother. Chekalinsky is a skilled gambler, a millionaire. The way to tale revolves around Hermann as Americas pumpkin queen

a young navy engineer, a German named Hermann, led a very modest lifestyles. He attempted to save himself a fortune, and did now not supply in to any temptations. The younger guy did no longer even play playing cards, and usually just watched the sport. At some point hermann heard a tale from a chum of tomsky, how his grandmother-countess was on the verge of complete smash. While in Paris, Anna fedotovna misplaced a big sum within the cards. She attempted to borrow from counted of saint-germain, however rather than money he revealed to her the name of the game of three triumphing cards. Taking gain of this mystery, the countess completely recoiled and again her fortune. Hermann become haunted via this tale about satisfied cards. To get into the old countess’s property, he even ventured to seduce her student lisa. Seeing hermann with a gun, the old lady without delay died of a coronary heart attack. That identical night, the young man was the ghost of the countess and advised that the winnings he will carry three playing cards – 3, seven and an ace. However at the same time you can’t be greedy and in an afternoon you want to put no multiple cards. Similarly, the countess made a situation – hermann need to marry lisa. For the sake of the mystery of the three cards, he became geared up to take any oath, but later did now not keep his promise

The cherished 3 cards have become an obsession for hermann, an obsession from which he couldn’t take away. All his thoughts came all the way down to one – it is fine to use the name of the game, which was given to him at this kind of high price. Hermann found out that this was his chance, and positioned all his capital on the top three. He won and doubled his savings. Day after today he positioned all the money on seven, and again gained, doubling the quantity. At the 1/3 day hermann put all the money – 188,000 rubles at the ace, and, of course, fell this card. The younger guy changed into certain that he had received, however chekalinsky spoke back that his girl had lost. End and opinion


Hermann dreamed of becoming a rich, first rate man. Way to honest paintings and financial system, he was near his aim, till one day he found out the name of the game of 3 playing cards. From that second on, he modified dramatically, and became actually passionate about the opportunity of smooth profits. The lust for profit absorbed all of the emotions and mind of the main man or woman, who was the sufferer of his personal vices


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