The Hidden Power of Brass Knuckles

The Hidden Power of Brass Knuckles

There are a plethora of weapons that have been invented and used since the early 12th Century, but brass knuckles remain relevant. Much like other ancient weapons, the brass knuckles have been around for centuries and are used to this day.

As hand-held weapons, Brass Knuckles were famous in many parts of the world. Soldiers in Punjab used to have a version of knuckles called the Sher Panja. This loin claw weapon was the perfect offensive weapon for hand-to-hand combat. There is something about the simple design of the ringed weapon that makes it useful even now. Even though modern brass knuckles can be found in all kinds of materials, the traditional brass knuckle has cemented as the household name.

What Are Real Brass Knuckles Used For?

It might seem like a far fetched idea, but knuckles are still a primary weapon for many people. They aren’t just cool collectibles; you can find 100% real brass knuckles in stores and online. Contrary to popular belief, though, fighting is not the only thing they are useful for.

Self-defense – this is, of course, an apparent function of the knuckle weapon. In the case that you get attacked, a knuckle is a go-to offensive weapon. It can cause severe bruising and muscle disruption to open flesh and even cause a head injury. There are also brass knuckles that come with knives for self-defense.
First-aid – this might seem unlikely, but having a brass knuckle is handy for sudden emergencies. In cases of fires, entrapment, and being locked out, knuckle weapons can bust you out or break glass for fire extinguishers.
Collection – as mentioned earlier, due to brass knuckles’ cool shape, people like to collect them as souvenirs. You can find plenty of brass knuckles paperweight collectibles in different colors and designs.
Fashion accessories – Speaking of designs and aesthetics, knuckles aren’t just décor; they are also accessories. Fashionable people like to decorate their cars with brass knuckle hood ornaments. You can also find exciting brass knuckle belt buckles, badges, and clothing accessories.

Protective gear – biker culture, especially in the Native culture of the USA, is particularly fond of brass knuckles. Probably for the design or the added bravado it gives to the whole biking ensemble, knuckles are pretty famous among bikers.

Weapons After All – Are Brass Knuckles Legal?

Since there is a grey area where you can’t prove or define the use of brass knuckles, the law is a little blank.
There is no federal law against the use or sale of brass knuckles in the U.S.
There are, however, specific laws in some states and counties prohibiting their possession and use.
You should check the law in your state before buying brass knuckles to avoid any issues.

Buying Quality Brass Knuckles for Sale

Given that the sale of brass knuckles is not exactly a problem, you can find various options for buying them. They are readily available at weapon shops, but they can also be found in metal goods brands. If you are looking for an extensive collection of brass knuckles, your best chance is online stores.
No matter what you need the brass knuckle for, you will most likely get more online retailers options than others. There is a whole bunch of websites that offer cheap brass knuckles collections with varied designs to choose from. If you are a collector, it is best to shop online as variety can’t be guaranteed at local stores. You will have a greater chance of getting affordable knuckles in online stores because you can survey and compare prices.

The Best Brass Knuckles

You might find a series of links online when you look for brass knuckles for sale. Among the crowd of retailers, a trusted name is PA Knives. They have a stunning collection of premium quality brass knuckles that are ideal for self defense as well as accessorizing.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good bargain? Along with that, if you get a top-notch product, it’s a legit win-win situation. Regardless of how you use a brass knuckle, you will find what you’re looking for in this list of knuckles from P.A.


Bone Four Finger Defense Belt Buckle Brass Knuckle Paperweight
This knuckle is a suitable wearable weapon as well as a paperweight. The bone design on these gold knuckles adds dramatic flair, and the finger rings are easy to fit in all hands.

Purplicious Cat Face Evil Mini Knuckle

As the most potent use of knuckles is still self-defense and fighting, they can be quite useful for women. These cat brass knuckles are a variety of quintessential spiked brass knuckles that are made explicitly for tackling predators.

Rainbow Titanium Heavy Duty Buckle Paperweight

While the ordinary material knuckles are brass, titanium is a durable and highly polished material as well. This brass knuckle is perfect for décor as the rainbow sheen makes your space pop even more.

Blessed Blood Pure Brass Knuckle PaperWeight

Themed collectibles are always preferred by buyers; that’s why these gold brass knuckles are a steal.
When you shop online, you have the luxury of making an informed decision about what you want to get. PA Knives offers you a wide variety of well-designed in-store and custom brass knuckles to choose from. Take your pick today from their online store at the best prices in town.


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