The Disruptive Innovation Process

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The tech market is continually evolving. In fact, it is growing so fast that there is no way back. New technologies are changing every aspect of the world as we see it. They have enabled the creation of things that were once thought impossible. For example, virtual reality and augmented reality have combined the digital world and the real world. However, not everything has been positive as technology has also brought a new disruption process.

Humanity has experienced disruptions to the job market before. For example, with the industrial revolution, many lost their jobs because they were no longer needed, but new jobs were created. New kinds of employees with new skills were required to meet employers’ needs in factories.

In the same way, during the coronavirus outbreak, tech professionals have become essential for companies as they are able to push them to move forward. Digital products are being used more and more. For that reason, many job roles have been displaced and new tech roles have been created.

Given these points, here’s a list with some aspects that will show you how job roles are being affected because of the implementation of new technologies.

Retail Industry

The use of new technologies has innovated the retail industries, as now companies offer unique products that provide unique experiences. E-commerce is an essential digital marketing strategy these days. It is because customers love the experience of buying products online.

Outstanding websites are used to provide remarkable services to customers. As a result, they feel engaged. Today’s sites are not only used to reach customers and make them feel special. They are also used to increase brand recognition, ad effectiveness and reduce costs. This is because they no longer need to print flyers or banners to reach customers as everything is digital.

Also, Web Developers have been implementing technologies like machine learning, augmented reality and AI bots to enhance the experience of customers. These technologies allow companies to attract and retain users as well as gather valuable data. However, as shown above, not everything about these technologies is positive. In fact, many jobs are now at risk.

Retail cashiers have been losing their jobs as customers can now do the checkout through websites using desktop or mobile devices. Likewise, sales agents without tech skills are being displaced as customers stop buying in-store products.

Taxi Industry

Making a phone call to ask for a taxi was common a few years ago. However, conventional methods are being replaced by mobile apps. In fact, Mobile Developers have created innovative apps to provide exceptional services to customers that make the process of asking for a taxi more natural and secure. An excellent example is the Uber taxi app. Uber is a company that has revolutionized the taxi industry as customers can now take a taxi just by using their smartphones. Likewise, customers can forget about cash as they can make all their payments using credit cards. Also, they don’t have to wait for a long time for the taxi to arrive because the Uber app gives drivers your exact location. With the help of GPS services, your ride arrives within minutes.

Hotel Industry

Even the hotel industry is implementing new technologies to provide amazing experiences to guests. They focus on the experience a guest has received pre-stay as they will be able to attract and retain more customers. In the same way, customers no longer need to wait in line to speak to an agent because chatbots are able to provide quick responses during day and night. Also, chatbots help customers with the booking process as users can complete the entire process using their smartphones. Hotel companies are even implementing voice recognition technologies in their rooms. As a result, customers can control the lighting, TV and shower, to name a few. Likewise, Software Engineers have been developing more sophisticated solutions to enhance the experience of travelers.

On the other hand, the implementation of these new technologies means call center agents and room cleaning services are no longer needed as robots can complete these tasks.

Television industry

Companies are always looking to improve. For this reason, even the television industry has been affected by new technologies. Digital television outlets are disrupting the industry. In fact, companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ are revolutionizing the television industry. With the use of streaming services, customers just need an Internet connection to enjoy high-quality services. As days pass, more people are dropping satellite TV services just because they don’t get a personalized experience. In fact, streaming TV companies have invested vast amounts of money in new technologies to keep improving their services. For this reason, with the implementation of machine learning, customers are now able to receive personalized services.


As can be seen, new technologies are innovating and changing the world as we see it. In the future, customers will be able not only to purchase better products but also to interact with more sophisticated digital environments. However, all this innovation process has brought a massive job disruption. However, this just means that employees and companies need to adapt in order to level up. With this in mind, it is a fact that the tech market will keep evolving, and tech skills will be required in future jobs.


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