Take Proper Amount Of Protein And Boost Your Immune System


Protein is one of the crucial macro-nutrient, which is called a building block of the cell. Protein is made up of amino acids. Thus protein is also known as the polymer of amino acid. Therefore protein is also known as a polymer of amino acids. There is only 20 amino, which makes several types of protein.

Protein possesses several benefits, such as it supports muscle growth and strengthen your muscle. Along with this, protein also provides you optimum about energy so that you can smoothly perform your daily routine works. Consuming the proper amount of protein is crucial for all, but for the athletes or gym freak, it becomes more critical.

Some Health Benefits Of Protein

Although protein has various health benefits here, we have listed the crucial 5 health benefits of protein. These benefits are:-

  • Helps Is Maintaining Healthy Body Weight

Having a healthy body weight is a dream of all the people. And for this, we people do several things like go to the gym or other activities. But one this is one of the crucial factors if you want to have a healthy weight and, i.e., proper nutrients, mainly protein. An adequate amount of protein helps you to feel fuller for a long time. Felling full for a long time results in less frequent snacking. This helps the people to maintain a healthy weight or help in weight loss.

  • Promote Muscle Growth

Having a proper amount of protein is crucial for muscle growth also. Thus a sports person and bodybuilder consume an adequate amount of protein regularly. You can consume protein by eating protein reach fruits, or you can also take a protein supplement like protein powder. There is various protein powder manufacture in India who help you to get the best protein powder in India.

  • Boost Your Immune System

Like your other body cells, immune cells are also made up of protein. Thus having a proper concentration of protein in your body keep them healthy. Having a healthy immune system is crucial as it protects you from various kinds of health issues. Every day our body encounters different types of disease-causing agents, and it is our immune cell which keeps fighting with those disease-causing agent and maintains our body health. In the case of the weak immune system, our body loses its ability to fight against various kinds of disease-causing agents. Thus we need to consume the optimum amount of protein regularly.

  • Help You To Recover After Exercise

Generally, after intense exercise, we feel low in energy, but having the optimum amount of protein in your body helps you to recover quickly after an intense workout. Thus protein is consumed by athletes and sportspersons in optimum concentration. To prove this, a various study has been done.

  • Improve Your Brain Function

Like your body’s other cells, the neurotransmitter is also made up of protein. A neurotransmitter is one of the crucial brain cells, and without this cell, your brain can’t work. Having a healthy neurotransmitter cell is vital as it increases your memory. When you want to learn, your mind needs a higher concentration of amino acid to full fill your demand. Eating a high concentration of protein total fills your brain’s amino acid requirement. As a result, you learn thigh quickly.

How Much Protein Is Crucial For You

The demand for protein is different for a different person. Because it depends upon your age, sex/gender, your daily routine, your health condition, pregnancy, and many more. But below, we have shared one table which contains the optimum concentration of protein according to age and sex/gender.

Recommended Daily Consumption Of Protein

AgeDaily Protein
14-18 (Male)52
14-18 (Female)46
19-70+ (Male)56
19-70+ (Female)46

Extra Protein Requirements For Pregnancy And Lactation

TrimesterSafe Intake (Gram/Day)Additional Energy Requirement (Kj/Day)Protein Energy Ratio
Trimester 113750.04
Trimester 21012000.11
Trimester 33119500.23
Lactation First 6 Months1928000.11
Lactation After 6 Months1319250.11


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