Residential Real Estate Investment Tips by Shateira Marketa Childress

Shateira Marketa Childress

With the growing population and urbanization, the real estate business is becoming more profitable than ever before. Residential and Commercial are the two main types of real estate. As their name suggests, both have their specific purpose of buying. Hence, both types of real estate have their specific markets. While residential real estate is meant for someone who is looking for a residence, the commercial is for commerce or setting up offices for business purposes. Hence, some of the best and expert industry leaders such as Shateira and others advise potential buyers to be sure about their purpose of buying beforehand to avoid any confusion in the future. 

Here Shateira Marketa Childress has discussed some of the tips that you must consider before investing in a residential real estate.

Shateira Marketa Childress

Market Trends And Location

The location of the real estate is perhaps the most important thing that you must consider before investing in keeping in mind the market trends of the real estate. It is important to note that you must not overlook the business or commercial aspects of the residential property even if you are buying it for the sole purpose of living in it. As the population is growing, there is an ever-increasing need for the number of jobs. “It is no surprise that every year a great number of job-seekers move to big cities, which creates many opportunities to earn some passive income,” says Marketa. Hence, buying real estate in a big city that can bring opportunities for renting is likely to grow your passive income when you retire from your work. 

Choosing Good Neighborhood

It is very aptly said that we can choose our friends but not neighbors. A bad neighborhood could mean compromising with your peace of mind. Hence, choosing a residential real estate means choosing neighbors because once you are done with it, you can’t undo it.

Finding the right Real estate Agent

Finding the right real estate agent is one of the main factors that contribute to successful buying of your residential property. An experienced real estate agent finds no difficulty in searching the best deals for you because he is the person who must be aware of the market trends besides knowing how to negotiate well. Doing it all on your own may not be a good idea for you; hence you must not go for it.

Shateira Marketa Childress

Buying Residential Properties In Emerging Neighborhoods

Buying real estate in big cities does not come cheap. Hence, it is much better to invest in something which has the potential to give greater benefits without investing much. This is where investing in emerging neighborhoods comes into the picture as these are comparatively less costly than big cities. Moreover, these have the potential to turn into big markets. If you can foresee the opportunities, it is likely to bring in the future then you must go for it.

Conclusion: With the growing population, there is an ever-increasing demand for residential properties. Some tips such as buying according to the market trends, choosing the right neighbourhood, finding the right real estate agent and buying the Real Estate Properties in emerging neighbourhoods are the ones that you must consider before buying your residential property and also stressed by Childress.


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