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Raman Khangura

Raman Khangura


Raman Khangura was born in 1995, in the suburbs of Ontario Canada. Belonging to the Sikh religion, he has participated in numerous cultural events to serve his community. Raman Khangura has participated in Khalsa Aid and was an integral component of the success seen in 2017, 2018, and 2019 fund raisers.

Aside from serving his community and giving back to the less fortunate, he spends his time investing in himself and learning new skills. He has participated in several venture capital seed investments at startup technologies such as Digital Western, SPACS and emerging markets.


Raman Khangura has roughly 6 years of professional experience, devoting his self to entrepreneurship in financial technologies. Raman has a background of finance, with a niche of intraday order flow of small caps. Throughout his career, he has traded over $50 million USD in capital, all ranging from self funding to institutional hedge funds.

Raman Khangura, being so young, now carries the

experience and grit of a seasoned professional. Maximizing and leveraging his financial knowledge, he has now expanded into computer programming with the lead on the new economy. Through the financial disruption of

2020-2023, Covid-19 created a new economy. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have overtaken fiat currency and Fintech industry is the leading one for the new economy. By adapting to programming and coding, Raman Khangura pisses extremely high value for the corporate economy


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