Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga – Jason Freskos

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Yoga - Jason Freskos

Yoga is perhaps the oldest form of exercise that we have and it is particularly associated with Hinduism.  Indian people see it more than just an exercise or a way of relaxation because for them it is more of like a spiritual thing, a union with the divine this is what the word means. There are numerous benefits to it and it is considered as the best way of meditation. Several noted CEOs advocate its importance to run their companies better by having a calm mind such as Jason Freskos, the CEO of a leading real estate capital lending company.

Below are some of its unexpected benefits.

Helps Improving Insomnia

According to various researches from time to time, it has been substantiated that the average sleeping period of people is decreasing and every other person is struggling to have a good night’s sleep mainly because of work-life imbalance. According to the National Sleep Foundation, it helps in sleep disorders and daily practitioners sleep longer and wake up less frequently. “We are providing real estate investors enough capital lending opportunities so as they can have peace of mind and apart from it I strongly stress the importance of practicing yoga which is another way of maintaining calm and peace of mind” as quoted by Jason.

Beneficial for Patients Having Depression

It helps fighting depression because of the stress-moderating effects of yogic deep breathing by regulating heart rate and blood pressure. In one study, people suffering from clinical depression had advised to take up the yoga and after three months 90% of them lowered their scores on a depression screening test by at least 66%.

Improves Social Connection

Practicing it in groups is increasing people to people connect by giving them different opportunities to have light moments by performing different asanas. Many different organizations are holding different classes where masses can be brought together to improve their social connection to increase awareness on a much larger scale.

Improve Social Connection

Improves Self-Image and Self-Confidence

Practicing it consistently over the months improves the self-image of a person and the people who practice it regularly experience more peace and satisfaction. They start thinking well about themselves which ends up having a good self-image and self-confidence.

Reduces Blood Pressure

It is very beneficial for people having heart diseases particularly having higher blood pressure because practicing it regularly leads to reduced blood pressure that results from meditation and Alom-Vilom asanas.

Helps in Conceiving a Child

It increases the chances of the couples conceiving a child by decreasing stress in their lives. It allows the mother to relax, distress and improves blood flow to reproductive organs.

Memory Booster

Its benefits are not limited to just physical well being but it improves the functioning of the brain as well. It helps in remembering better. The main cause of forgetfulness is considered to be anxiety and mental stress and it improves mental faculties by fighting with both the culprits.

Conclusion: It is a Sanskrit word that literally means union with the divine and it is particularly associated with Hinduism where it is not merely considered as a form of exercise or a way of relaxing mind. It has numerous health benefits. It helps improving sleeping disorders, it fights with depression, it helps improving social connection, it improves self-image and confidence and it helps in conceiving a child. The famous CEOs like Jason Freskos are continuously educating people about the Benefits of Yoga and providing them quick real estate money lending opportunities which ultimately add to their peace of mind.


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