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Have you ever considered the possibility of setting up your own online travel business? In this case, what requirements do I need? In this post, My20DollarTravelBusiness has set out to help you in case you want to open your own travel business.
And we will give you all the keys to make this possible. When creating an online travel agency you will have to take into account that you will need all the legal requirements to open a travel business to which you will have to add the launch of a web page. So if you think we are going to start to break down all these aspects:

Legal requirements to open an online travel business
Any person can sell tourist services without owning a certificate that accredits it, according to the USA directives.
You have to look at the Law of the travel businesses of the corresponding community. Tourism is a matter transferred from the State to the Governments.
To be able to sell tourist packages online you will have to communicate it to the head of Tourism of your state community.


Now we have to decide if you are going to establish yourself as a freelancer or you will create a society. We will analyze the two cases step by step.
You have a period of 30 calendar days to present all this documentation from the beginning of the registration in the corresponding General Treasury of the Social Security.
Request for the Guest Book, mandatory for both companies and freelancers.
Employer number request if you are going to hire a worker.
Opening Communication of the Work Center.

A Web Page for Your Online Travel Business

Well, once we have seen the legal requirements, which are always important and necessary, we go to the second point, no less important, such as the creation of a website from which to offer your services to customers.
There are many platforms that can help you in this regard with a wide range of sales management tools, customers, reservations and collections. The software you need to create your web page is not simple and a precise language system such as XML is required.
Other things you should keep in mind when creating the website of your online Travel Business are:
The design, which must always be attractive and elegant. The lines and colors must be clear and ensure navigation.
Navigation, which must be very simple, that a customer never knows where to click to go to the shopping cart and therefore place the order.
Positioning: To position a web page there are several strategies. One of them can be natural positioning or SEO through a content creation strategy or an SEM or payment strategy. The most common is the creation of Google Adwords campaigns to attract visits quickly and convert them into sales.


Attention to the Client: Do not think that because you have a website you should not take care of customer service by incorporating the appropriate channels such as email, chat, telephone …
The product: Of course, you have to select the products you are going to launch online. Before that, you will have done a market study. Each product must have unique and exclusive content. That is, in each product sheet you have to enter the title, the H1 and the meta description, in addition to putting images and videos that explain your product.
As you can see, with many things to consider. You must have time to be able to execute all the necessary actions that are needed to sell tourist products online. For more info visit My20DollarTravelBusiness.


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