Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Ilan Shatz

Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Ilan Shatz

Nowadays, a lot of things that are present in the market and people want satisfaction from all the things. 91% of unhappy customers will never buy from you again, if they are unsatisfied. The number one objective of any business should therefore be to create happy customers.

Ilan Shatz shares the customer satisfaction surveys are:

Customer satisfaction is the standard approach for collecting data on customer happiness. It consists of asking your customers how satisfied they are with or without follow up the questions.

3 Surveys Monekey are:

  • In-App Surveys: Integrate a subtle feedback bar inside your website, with generally not more than one or two questions. It’s one of the methods with the highest response rates.
  • Post-Service Surveys: focuses on the customer’s satisfaction with a specific service she’s just received. You ask it right after the delivery. It includes the Email Supports and Live Chat.
  • Long Email Surveys: On the other hand the Email surveys are a good tool for this. They do allow your customer to take their time in answering multiple questions. It includes Google Forms.
Google Forms Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Ilan Shatz

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

CSAT, use as a rating provider; your customer can give you rates with the ranking of 1 to 5 or with smiles. The CSAT metric comes from its directness. The downside, however, is that satisfaction is hard to estimate, even for the customer. It’s directed at a sentiment, which is fleeting and mood dependent.


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

It measures the likeliness of a customer referring you to someone, and it’s probably the most popular way of measuring customer loyalty. It can be measure with the Scale and you can asked from your customer that how likely they are to recommend you on a scale from 1 to 10.

NPS Methods for Measuring Customer Satisfaction with Ilan Shatz

It’s quite bit easy to calculate the NPS. The Net Promoter Network offers a benchmark report to give you insight about how you compare in your industry.

Customer Effort Score is another popular “single question survey.” Instead of simply asking your customers how satisfied they were you ask how easy it was to purchase or to complete an action in your product.


Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to the health of your business. If your customers are unsatisfied or unhappy, they will leave, and no business can survive. This guide has defined customer satisfaction as well as given you ways to measure it. It has also given you ideas to increase customer satisfaction. But that’s just a start with Ilan Shatz, an entrepreneur and a president of XPLOR. Xplor was born in Panama in 2006 who emigrated to Panama in search of opportunities after having developed a model of innovation in biotechnology in his native country. We instincts and clarity of vision have carried multiple through rapid and continuous growth.


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