Kolad Camping at Kundalika River – The Best Experience Near Mumbai

Kolad Camping at Kundalika River - The Best Experience Near Mumbai

Mumbai and Pune are a portion of the significant urban areas in Maharashtra. The two towns are packed with local people and experts from outside the state and from everywhere throughout the nation. So toward the end of the week, individuals look for certain spots where they can revive themselves from the rushed daily schedule of the weekdays. Kolad is such a sort of spot where you can locate your lost soul and outstanding amongst other end of the week portals.

The Kolad is much the same as the experience capital of Maharashtra, where you can feel the peacefulness while outdoors and rush during the experience sports like kayaking, stream boating, and wilderness trekking at Kolad. Kolad is a significant quiet goal in contrast with other end of the week goals like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, Khandala. These spots remain packed on the ends of the week, so instead of going there, Kolad will be the best.

The good ways from Pune and Mumbai to Kolad is equivalent, which is 116 kilometers. It is the little town situated in Raigarh area of Maharashtra. This town is settled in the midst of in Sahyadri scopes of Western Ghats. The Western Ghats is perceived as the world legacy site by UNESCO. It is one of the noteworthy problem area of biodiversity among eight areas all through the world. The wonderful perspectives on Sahyadri Ranges in the setting make Kolad such a quiet spot.

The stream boating happens at the Kundalika River. It is the waterway streamed in Sahyadri Range and started from Bhira, where a dam is likewise arranged called Bhira Dam. The Kundalika River streams till the Arabian Sea. The streaming momentum is so reasonable for performing water sports like waterway boating, kayaking. The boating movement begins from Bhira Dam and finishes at Dholwal Dam. The whole course is of 12 Kilometer length. It is 2 hours of sensational movement.

The Places to Visit In and Around Kolad

There are a few spots to visit in and around Kolad, which you can visit in the wake of encountering experience exercises. All the spots are likewise phenomenal and worth to visit in this area. The locales are the accompanying :


Devi Kedar Janani Hill

Kolad Dam

Bhira Dam

Dholwal Dam

Sutarwadi Lake

Tala Fort

Kanal Avenue

Tamhini Falls

Ghosala Fort

Kuda Caves

Kundalika River Banks

Kundalika River Rafting

Exercises To Do at Kolad

Other than touring it is the best spot for encountering the accompanying experience exercises:

Waterway Rafting



Backwoods Camping


Para Sailing


Backwoods Trails Trekking




Best Time to Visit Kolad

As the spot, Kolad is situated in the Western Ghat locale, so climatic conditions are the equivalent for it as different places in this area. During the summers, the temperature stays sweltering – sticky and dry, which isn’t appropriate for any action. The best time to visit Kolad for outdoors and boating is storm season till February. From July to February, you can consider the best time to encounter the Kolad Camping and waterway boating at Kundalika.

During the rainstorm, the entire spot becomes green land where you can feel the cool wind with microdroplets of downpour. At some high spots, mists will contact your feet, which gives you the best inclination to be at a normally improved spot. The temperature stays reasonable for encountering the stream boating, outdoors, wilderness trekking, rappelling, kayaking, and a lot progressively accessible exercises. This can be said the greatest end of the week escape from the jam-packed existence of Mumbai and Pune.

The verdure stays on blossom, and a few cascades will invite you all through the course to reach Kolad and even at the spot too. The stream is loaded up with new water. So in the rainstorm, it will be genuine wilderness boating at Kundalika boating spots.

Step by step instructions to Reach Kolad

There are different methods of transportation accessible to reach Kolad from Mumbai and Pune in which the best is by street, and another choice is via train.

From Mumbai to Kolad

The separation among Kolad and Mumbai is around 120 kilometers along these lines, from Mumbai, it will barely take 2-3 hrs to reach. The single direction to reach Kolad is Kodambakkam-Mumbai Highway, at that point Khapoli – Pali street, and different courses are experienced MH state interstate 104 and national parkway 66. The NH 66 course is the long course which is reasonable to encounter the rainstorm magnificence where you will encounter the cascades enroute.

From Pune to Kolad

The separation between Kolad to Pune is equivalent to the separation between Kolad to Mumbai. So you can take Mumbai – Pune Expressway or by means of Tamhini Ghat street to reach Kolad from Pune.

It is about Kolad Camping, which is the best spot for the end of the week.


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