Jungle Boys’ Strawberry Shortcake: The strain you never knew that you needed

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Strawberry Shortcake is dominant in Cannabis sativa, a hybrid strain, which has 75% sativa and 25% indica. This sativa and indica strain has been created by Jungle Boys’ from California. It was created by crossing the popular strains like White Wookie and The White. It can also be created by crossing strains like Juliet(which itself is a cross of indica and sativa) and Strawberry Diesel(also a hybrid of equal amount sativa and indica).

Jungle Boys’ strawberry cake is a perfect delight for those who enjoy the berry flavour. With each little toke, you can explain it as the combination of sweet strawberry and spicy earth. The scent can be explained almost the same way, however, the nugs are broken apart or burnt, they would give out a little pungent smell, a little strong and sour.

Jungle Boys’ strawberry cake is something that can make you travel to a place of pure ecstasy and relaxation. Surely this cerebral strain is sweetly flavoured but the effects might not always be sweet. You must know that it is a high potency powerhouse.

How does Strawberry Shortcake look like and how does it make you feel?

The bud of Jungle Boys’ Strawberry Shortcake strain is a darker note of the green, with strands of orange hairy substances intertwined throughout and coating of crystals trichomes.
The smell, as already mentioned, is sweet and strawberry flavoured. This strain is something that could be smoked at nighttime, to have chill time alone or with friends or family. The flavour of the sweet strawberry will linger on your tongue for a time and make you feel amazing.

Initially, when you take your first hit, it will make you feel like your eyes are closing and the head is changing, it will be followed by high relaxation in the upper body area, it will make your head clear and light.

It has a THC level of almost 18% and as you start feeling sedated you’ll feel sensations in your body. Feeling a happy tone in your mood is expected, and it will create a mood for creativity and motivation, with focus. All of these effects will help you be constructive and be social with friends and family.

Effects and uses

Some of the effects are the cottonmouth, dry eyes, headache, paranoia, sleepy, euphoric, uplifted talkative.With a high level of THC, it can be used for treating conditions like chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, depression, mood swings and chronic fatigue. It has been popularly used by those who have chronic pain and stress.

Final note

A lot of people/users seem to prefer Jungle Boys’ Strawberry Shortcake more than the others, some even saying this strain is what lives up to the expectations. If you are looking for some Strawberry Shortcake strain as well, a few of the online websites sell this strain and you can buy from there. You can also read reviews by people, who shared their personal experience of the product.


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