HP 250 G7 Intel Core i7-8565U –A Powerful Core i7 Laptop Review


If you imagine drooling over the laptop for its look besides what is actually inside, it’s a different story. The HP 250 G7 however doesn’t fascinate as much as one could suppose from its outlook, but the inner power it holds demonstrates it to be one solid core-i7 laptop with compact reliability. The HP 250 G7core i7 version doesn’t only stand out in all its other variants but signifies to enhance other features for better performance. Your everyday workload becomes naturally easier with its swift RAM speed and an adequate storage of 256 GB for improved data maintenance.

The battery backup clearly is not in it’s the top-notch performance and the screen has some weak points with TN panel, but the budget-friendly range justifies for that. On the other side, there is a wise selection of ports categorized by HP in this model. You also get to notice the extremely comfortable keyboard that makes everything easier, whether you need to work on large documents or excessive spreadsheets.

HP 250 G7 is among the commonly known laptops by HP, but how well it ranks comparatively to its range and its other rivals, we will have to find out. Let’s get into the review!


  • SKU: 6BP88EA#ABU
  • Processor: (8th Gen) Intel Core i7-8565U | 1.8 GHz Max Turbo Speed 4.6 GHz |Quad Core
  • RAM: 8GB, Storage: 256GB SSD
  • Display: 15.6-inch screen with HD (1366 x 768) Resolution
  • GPU: Integrated Graphics Intel UHD 620
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


On paper, the screen of HP 250 G7 seems like a great feature but we weren’t thoroughly impressed. The screen is actually placed with a TN Panel that comparably gives rather dim colours and poor viewing angles. The IPS Panel integration undoubtedly could have been a better option, but the TN here works well for casual application usage and usual surfing. However, binge watching videos like Netflix, twitch or Youtube wouldn’t be as fun if you like to watch in different postures. We get 15.6 inches screen here with HD Resolution that covers 53% sRGB colour gamut. The contrast ratio stands at 375:1 with a maximum brightness of 260cd/m.


As we already mentioned the design isn’t over the edge in terms of style, but the simplistic terminology used in the build gives it a nice clean and professional look. The body is mostly cased in a plastic body with just a hint of aluminium on the lid. The lid isn’t super flexible but not at all hard to open single handedly. You also get HD webcam on the top with WDR functionality.


The keyboard we get with HP 250 G7 comes in a solid form with rigid click and large keycaps, which makes it easier to type. The tactile feedback with hollow space makes the keys stress-free to work with. Also, there is enough space of flex to apply pressure with minimum wrist strain, but the design is not fancy yet basic.


It’s unsurprising that HP has put Integrated UHD graphics by Intel in the HP 250 G7 model, which is a decent graphics provider for traditional users. Working on Photoshop, multimedia files or watching videos isn’t problematic despite of not getting dedicated graphics with this mode.


The most impressive part of this laptop unquestionably refers to the core-i7 processor equipped within this laptop. The core i7 here makes the entire system performance speedy and durable. This laptop proves to be a great option for multi-tasking individuals who are always on the heavy-duty tasks. The RAM of 8 GB comes with a combination of 256 GB solid state drive storage that allows you to switch between multiple applications or programs without any delay.


The battery pack of this laptop is 42Wh, which should work fine according to HP’s usual norms but its lasting time turns out to be just under 9 hours. This isn’t too bad for common users, but not over-the-top as well. However, excessive usage of Wi-Fi and other applications can limit it to 5-6 hours.


The port selection chosen in HP 250 G7 is fairly decent, where we get an HDMI connector, a Type B USB 3.0, two Type A USB 2.0s and also a full-size Ethernet port. An SD card slot is also added on the side but the lack of USB Type C might disappoint you a little.

VERDICT Overall, the HP 250 G7 in a nutshell does a quite decent job in providing us valuable features for everyday usage. The most we can benefit from it is its potent processing power and RAM speed. The office users, business individuals or regular students can find it an ideal choice for their daily assignments.