How windows spy app is helpful in COVID-19 for the employers?


As this pandemic transforms our living style either it’s personal or professional. The business also transforms itself by bringing their work to online. Remote work becomes the preference to get the work done safely and securely.

But remote work is a little risky, and many employers are complaining about this, that their employees don’t properly respond or somehow cheat on them. Low productivity, lack of efficiency such issues are rising gradually. It might be because the employees feeling themselves more relax.

To keep it into consideration, we have been cooperating with millions of businesses for many years. Before businesses were able to track their employee’s activities within the company/office, now they can remotely track the employee by sitting at any corner of the world. Let’s have a look at the TOS window spy app and its crazy advantages.

TheOneSpy Window Spy App

Businesses are rapidly moving towards the digital system and looking forward to such a secure system that ensures them about meeting the online challenges successfully. TheOneSpy is one of the top preferred spy apps that smoothly works with all computer devices. You can track your employee all productive and useless activities and can block unnecessary things remotely as well.

How do TOS brilliant Features help to successfully run the business during Pandemic?

Businesses usually provide their own digital devices to their employees to accomplish the task efficiently. Spy apps like TOS enable businesses to install apps in those contemporary digital devices. In this way, they can be well aware of their employee working record. Let’s have a look at TOS dynamic features and their advantage in this quarantine.

·        Remote Monitoring of Business App

If a business has given access to any of their secret app or employee have to account in the sensitive data-based app, so the employer can track the employee to make sure, he or she has no wrong intention of misusing it.

·        Screen Recorder

an employer can have a look at all desktop activities such as which app is installed, or which software is using the most by the employee. If the employee will waste time on its own personal work or does any other job secretly, so the employer can instantly notice it.Screen recording app helps the business to kick out the spoil eggs timely.

·        Social Media Tracker

It helps the employer to have a look at all the social activities of their targeted employee. If an employee is using Facebook, Twitter, or skype by calling their loved ones or doing any useless activity on a social account, so the employer can monitor it and inform the management. Then management can view the record and take action against it.

·        E-mail Tracker

No matter whether the business is broad or small, every business has its sensitive information that they share with their employees through e-mail. In COVID-19, the employer can remotely monitor every single mail that sent or received by any of their employees. It will help in taking care of business secret data.

·        Remotely Block Website

While using the internet, it’s normal that we click on any unknown site than waste time on it. Similarly, an employer detects their employee instantly, if he/she is wasting time on any useless or harmful site.

·        GPS Location Tracker

Suppose the device gets damaged or taken to another place from the employee house, so TOS will automatically inform the user about it. All the employer needs to insert that employee’s location as a safe location.

·        History Provider

An employer cannot track team members all day. So, in this way, an employer can monitor all activities at the end of the day or on a weekly or monthly basis.


It’s time to equip your business with tracking services. TOS window spy app enables the business to beat this digital life effects. You can get the perfect job from your employee by tracking his/her each activity during working hours. It will not only save time but reduce extra costs as well which you have to invest in hiring new employees and on their training


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