How to do a cybersecurity audit of a website?

website security audit

How to do a cybersecurity audit of a website?

Hundreds of websites are created every day and these are not exempt from security attacks through hacking techniques. Websites are no longer flat, simple repositories where you can put a photo or explanation of your activity or company, now we store a lot of information about each person who connects to our website, from IP’s, emails, phones, etc. Data very susceptible to being stolen.

For this reason, it is very important to keep your platform always updated, not only in format or functionality but now it is important to be updated through security audits to protect our most valuable information. A security audit is an excellent investment to minimize risks and identify those vulnerabilities of your website.

What is a security audit?

A web security audit is a study that must always be done by a professional in the field, since the systems, the platform, and the network must be analyzed, with the objective of identifying the vulnerabilities that can threaten our website.

Once the results are obtained, a series of procedures and actions must be detailed, which must be carried out as soon as possible as a preventive measure to protect and reinforce security.

In complete website security audit, one must analyze installed equipment, servers, software, operating systems, network, IP’s and procedures. It is essential that the security audit tests all our systems, and thus shows the possible vulnerabilities, once they are known, measures must be taken so that no one can use them against you.

Why should an audit be done?

Doing a web audit is much more than showing possible incidences that we can find in our daily life that, on the other hand, the audit will show, and we will have to put solution. But above all, a web audit is necessary to avoid long term risks, which can come in the form of a threat to the privacy and security of our systems.

Often we think, and wrongly, that the fact that our website is made by a third party or that the platform is a CMS or WordPress we are already covered since the platform has a company behind it that will take care of it. When thinking about it we are falling into a fatal error, firstly, because these platforms being of public use, that anyone without any knowledge of computers can create their professional website makes them have more vulnerabilities than desired, on the other hand, it is true that they have a company behind to protect you, but the user must be proactive and always update their platform, otherwise you can be exposed to many more vulnerabilities than you imagine.

Therefore, doing an audit whether it is a CMS, WordPress or a website made by a third party company has the benefits:

  • Allowing to reduce the impacts once the risks and vulnerabilities are identified
  • They offer greater security guarantees to your business
  • They help you know what steps to take to stay safe.
  • Safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of your clients
  • Improve your external image.

A website penetration testing report is the key that one needs to take care of. All the found vulnerabilities need to be mentioned in it with proper POC.

What methodology to use? OWASP Methodology

The OWASP (Open Web Application Security Porject) methodology is one of the most widely used as it validates 90 defined controls, and does a special job on those errors that are linked to your business.

Today, the OWASP methodology is one of the most complete ways to analyze incidents and the most exhaustive analysis that can shield servers, equipment, systems, and any platform. This methodology guarantees the revision of all the holes that can be attacked by hackers or other malignant factors.

In short, the future that awaits us will be a battle in the network, attacks will be increasingly frequent and be protected will be something as essential as having a home or car insurance. Not only our systems are in danger, but the continuity of our business, since the image we can give to the outside if we are attacked, and hundreds of data are stolen and used with evil will be complicated to recover the confidence of our client.



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