How to Get Excellent Cable Service – Gurdeep Singh Fastway

Gurdeep Singh Fastway

With the popularity of the streaming services, new TRAI regulations which give the option of choosing the channels as per customer’s wish, the D.T.H revolution with numerous free to air channels and ever-increasing competition among cable operators to stay afloat, they are pushing themselves harder to beguile the consumers but most of them are still not aware of how to get the best deal.

Continue reading to know how to make most of the ever-increasing competition among them and getting a bigger bang for your buck!

 “It is a win-win situation for both you and the company” as quoted by Mr. Gurdeep Singh Fastway.

1) Do Your Research

Check some of the prominent operators in your area and check the deals they are offering to their customers or the deals they claim to offer to the potential consumers and then compare accordingly.

You can check the deals they may be advertising through print media or broadcast media for example new papers, their local T.V channel, fliers, etc.

2) Reach To The Customer Retention Representative

 You can reach to your present service provider’s customer support if you find that some other cable operator is giving better services in less amount. They have employees specifically tasked to retain the customers. They may give you the offer which very few customers might be getting.

As per Mr. Gurdeep Singh the idea behind retaining the customer is actually hearing them out rather than just reaching to a negotiation state.

 3) Get The Power Of The Bundle

Bundling is a great option to go for because it considerably reduces your overall cost of the different services from the same company. If you are currently paying separately for your phone, Internet, and other entertainment features, it is better to go for bundling because no company would ever like the idea of losing the customer giving higher revenue.

4) Be Consistent

Many special offers have expiration dates. The new start up might give you the attractive offers at its start to beguile you but, likely, you will not remember the expiration time of the offer nor the companies would like to remind you because their main aim is to get you subscribed and forget about it once you got subscribed.

 Make sure to extend the offer or discount for a certain period usually for 6-12 months continuously because they won’t like to remind you the same.

5) Commit

It is very likely of companies to give you better offers or discounts if you are willing to sign on a contract that bounds you to stay for a certain period or that removes your option of canceling the subscription before a certain period without penalty.

“It is a kind of fixed deposit for the customer as he/she will be able to reap its benefits in the long run because it gradually increases goodwill and hence an increase in some benefits as expressed by Mr. Gurdeep Singh Fastway.” 

Conclusion: There is ever increasing competition among different cable operators because of different mediums of T.V viewing. The customer can get the best deal by bundling of the services, reaching to the retention representative, comparing offers by different competitors etc.


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