How Robin St Martin Founded Iron Horse Security

Robin St Martin

Everything in this world needs security, be it a person, property or assets. Founder of Iron Horse Security, Robin St Martin had understood that in the early days of his career. That’s why while working in a similar career he decided to begin Iron horse Security. A private security agency that helps people in guarding their lives and properties but with a focus on extreme customer service, something lacking from his industry.

Robin, the Founder and President of Iron Horse Security, possesses over 25 years of experience in this area. Starting out was not easy, banks weren’t interested in a small start-up and initially didn’t support him. But after gaining support from one bank, he was able to establish the company and slowly took on bigger and bigger clients over the years.  Robin was keenly able to overcome global pandemics, transportation strikes, recessions, the impact of terrorism and many more obstacles that set back many other businesses. Growing Iron Horse Security over these past 25 years was not an easy job or for the faint of heart.

Robin St Martin is one of the security industry’s highest award winning security professionals. He has been awarded the prestigious 40 under Forty, he’s a 12 time recipient of the Consumers Choice Award, a 25 year Honour Roll Member of the Better Business Bureau, a 5 time recipient of the Profit 500 Award, a 3 time recipient of the Profit 100 Award, as well as a recipient of the Business of the Year, Mid-Market Business of the Year, 4 time recipient of the “Faces Magazine Security Company of the Year Award, along with the Top Choice Award, and a Finalist – Premiere’s Award (Dalton McGuinty). They are true signs of his success and incredible hard work.

Starting in a one room office back in 1994 to now employing a team of over 1900, he’s not only an award winning business executive, he’s also a humanitarian that has given back tenfold. Robin has been a frequent supporter of CHEO, the Queensway Carleton Hospital, while also sponsoring 3 young girls from third world countries (Colombia, Nicaragua and Brazil) for over a decade. Additionally, with the intention of directly impacting his local communities Robin created and overseas the Iron Horse Security Community Service Program where he pays everyone in his company for up to 8 hours each per year for local community service.  With 1900 employees that equates to over 15, 000 hours per year in local community service support. Robin St Martin has proven to be a top executive focussed on giving back.

Under Robin’s direction, Iron Horse Security concentrates on its core values and the resulting service they deliver is very closely aligned to the type of guest experience taught at the Disney Institute. With safety as the base assumption they can focus on improving your guest experience. Their guards are at your front desk, your loading dock, your executive’s floor, and your internal support services. That’s the service you can count on from Iron Horse, a year over year improvement in guest experience through a continual learning program of ongoing training and testing through a clear and direct customer centric service.

Iron Horse Security offers multiple services like guard training, commercial security, industrial security, retail security, government security, residential security, hiring security guards, investigation services, concierge services, alarm response, mobile patrol and various other security-related services.

When asked for a quote for this article, Robin’s personal mantra is what he wanted to emphasize: “Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen”. He deeply believes in this and tries his best to live it each day.


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