Household Move Made Easy in Dubai

Household Move Made Easy in Dubai

The cost of moving is calculated according to the size of your household, so we will inspect your household (if possible) or estimate the scope according to the moving list.
They tell us the work that we should do. Whether you pack yourself, dismantle cupboards, dismantle the kitchen or whether we take care of it and also set it up and unpack it – right up to the turnkey move.

If we have the move list you have filled out, we will immediately prepare a free estimate for cargo service to Pakistan from Dubai. From this you can easily see what your move will cost. The hourly rates for vehicle, driver and carrier are listed individually, as well as for assembly and disassembly, packing and unpacking and all additional services. If this information is sufficient for you, you can request an offer for your move online.


Before you place the order, you can decide for yourself which work you want to award and how expensive your move will be.

If you have gained confidence and decide on our offer, we will make an appointment with you (also on weekends). On the day of the move, a well-rested team with vehicle, blankets, lots of workaholic and entrepreneurship is at your door.

Incidentally, such a move can be fun if the right people get involved and organize with commitment and routine nonchalance. Forget the traditional image of Kraft Meier drinking beer – young furniture makers have faster legs.

The earlier you set the move day, the cheaper your move will be. If we have your desired appointment in good time and your move can be combined with a second or third, you will receive an additional charge, the greater the distance, the more lucrative it will be. We strive to avoid empty or part-load trips for environmental reasons. You save (sometimes considerably) and we earn more.

Also inquire if your move is not directly on the route offered, for example – even if you take a detour, the move is still much cheaper.

Fill out the relocation list that you can find on our server and send it to us. We determine the cubic meters and develop an offer that shows the discount. The offer is free and non-binding.


If you want to move from Hamburg to Munich, for example, and your furniture only needs half of the loading space of our truck, you can take a second move with you – this is called an additional load. In this example, the costs for the vehicle, for the driver and for the staff on the entire route are halved. An additional load in this sense is also a move that can be taken on the way back in the otherwise empty vehicle or a move that only goes part of the way in the same direction, there are many variations up to tours of the whole Republic.

The main problem with the organization of such additional loads is usually the lack of flexibility of the customers. Many want to move from one day to another (due to the change of the month). To enable additional loads, we therefore offer free intermediate storage in containers. Your furniture will be with us for a day or more, until the second and perhaps the third move is loaded and the journey can continue.



In the old days, the furniture trucks were upholstered, the furniture was carried unpacked in the wind and weather, even in the rain. Today, demands have increased with sensitive, often light-colored furniture. Mattresses and upholstered furniture should also stay clean and dry, which is why we pack your furniture in environmentally friendly stretch film, which also protects against the lint of the recycled furniture blankets – this is why blankets are beaten to avoid holes in the upholstery fabric and pressure points. This method not only protects your furniture in the stairwell and outdoors, the truck can also be kept clean better. The secret lies in the packaging, which is why we do not have to report any damage to the insurance company.

The superstructures of the trucks are now at a height of 2.80 meters, so that up to 7 boxes can be stacked on top of each other: If the boxes are full of books or porcelain, for example, the bottom ones will be crushed and the contents damaged, which is why you will receive something special from us stable boxes that have almost twice the load capacity (up to 60 kg) of the usual ones. On request, we offer the boxes at the rental price, which means we take them back after the move; you can also buy the boxes. Our boxes are also tailored to pallet dimensions, so they fill the width of the truck exactly (2.40 meters) and sit firmly on the loading area without stowage.

The dimensions of book boxes are 40 x 40 x 40, normal boxes for laundry etc. Lightweights are 60x40x40 and particularly large boxes for lightweights 80x60x40 in the patent folding system, impregnated with moisture so that they can withstand rain and moisture.

We have clothing boxes for suits, costumes, coats and everything that is hanging on the pole. The clothes are hung from the closet directly into the boxes and after moving back into the closet, which saves folding and ironing after the move.

If you no longer have the original boxes for your computers, stereo devices and televisions, we bring so-called mirror boxes made of wood, in which the sensitive devices can be stored shockproof.

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