Hong Kong Travelling Guide

Hong Kong Travelling Guide

Hong Kong is one of the most crowded city I have ever visited. Thickly possessing the island are incalculable high rises, fascinating social spots, and inexplicably pockets of nature worth investigating. Here is a finished travel guide and 5 days agenda for investigating Hong Kong. We will move slowly and investigate both the city and nature Hong Kong brings to the table. We should start, will we?

How to Get To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a major center point for going in East Asia so you will have a lot of alternatives to fly into Hong Kong from where you are. I would suggest perusing through Brussels Airlines Customer Support before to look at costs so you will get the least expensive flight conceivable.

When To Visit Hong Kong?

Winter (Nov – Jan) is best as the temperature is gentle and dry which is ideal for climbing and investigating the incredibly thick boulevards of the city. Summer is extremely sweltering and moist which makes investigating tedious and climbing troublesome.

Instructions to Get Around Hong Kong

The city is associated by means of MTR (Mass Transit Railway) which offered a quick however non-beautiful approach to investigate the city. Cable cars are the most picturesque approach to see the city yet moderate and uneven on occasion. Transports are likewise generally associated and can offer the best of the two universes.

Every day Budget

Going here is very costly and not very spending plan cordial but rather there are choices. You can hope to spend around 50 – 70 USD every day for each individual for food, convenience and transportation.

Remember this is only a proposed every day financial plan dependent on my style of voyaging, which is inclining more toward the spending side of things. On the off chance that you need to adhere to this spending plan, hope to rest in dormitories, eat out just a couple of times, and be happy with utilizing the least expensive and most helpful method of transportation, which customarily includes strolling.
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What To Pack For Hong Kong

As you probably are aware, I am a light explorer and pressing light for an excursion like this is a craftsmanship all by itself. Here are a couple of tips on what to pack for your outing to Hong Kong:

Strolling/Hiking Shoes:

I love strolling around new urban areas or go on a little climb thus I strongly suggest you take great agreeable shoes with you on this outing.


One of the most significant things is keep high quality camera to catch the wonderful minutes and make your trip memorable for lifetime.

Power Bank:

Keep your power bank for emergency needs.

Water Bottle:

Water bottle to have with you in urban areas or on climbing trails on the off chance that you aren’t sure how clean the water source is.

General Adapter:

You simply need one all-inclusive connector to connect your gadgets in any nation you are visiting.

Huge Backpack:

You will require a huge rucksack to convey the entirety of this stuff with you.

Why Go To Hong Kong?

Looking from an external perspective, Hong Kong may appear as though a customary thickly populated city yet there is a great deal more to this city than you would, might suspect. I should know, I committed the error of not visiting Hong Kong prior with a similar thought.

For one, the innovative and building wonder of the city is in its own class. Furthermore, Hong Kong is a harbor city all through an amazing majority and with a mix of the oriental social establishment and British impact, Hong Kong is one of the nations that can mix the east and the west into its own personality. Ultimately, and shockingly, the climbing this city must offer is something that will astonish even the best of us travellers.


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