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Hercules Pappas

Hercules Pappas

Selecting the right lawyer is a mandatory step in fighting a legal battle. Dedication, experience, and talent are key factors when it comes to winning a case. Not all lawyers have the knack for such wins, which is why Hercules Pappas is such a well-known and rare kind of attorney. Most lawyers focus on accolades and awards. Hercules Pappas concerns himself more with winning verdicts that aren’t guilty. He goes the extra mile to fight for your rights at the trials.

Who is Hercules Pappas?

Hercules Pappas is a skilled lawyer and a talented litigator from New Jersey. He has more than two decades of experience with the criminal as well as civil litigation, mediation, and management. Moreover, Hercules Pappas has gained the license to practice law in multiple jurisdictions across 3 states.

Academic Background

In 1993, Hercules got his degree in economics and political science from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. This interesting passion for law and exclusive interest in business has contributed to his journey of being a top-notch lawyer.

In 1994, Hercules Pappas entered the Widener University School of Law. It was here he sought the Juris Doctor and discovered his talent for legal writing. During his years of the completion of the degree, Hercules Pappas worked at two different law firms. First, as a Law Clerk and in the second, as an Associate Attorney. He also worked for the law firm Esq and Blumstein, Block & Please, where he collected more experience in various areas of litigation as well as hearings and trials. This continued until the year 1998.

Career Path

In 1997, Hercules Pappas graduated with Juris Doctor. The following year, he founded a new law firm with his friend, Jay Richardson, and called it Pappas & Richardson. It practiced different aspects of business law and litigation. However, Hercules had ambitions of widening his portfolio. The opportunity hit his window in 2009 when Hercules accepted the job of a prosecutor in Waterford Township. His job as a municipal prosecutor included several tasks such as appeals, legal research, prosecution as well as court appearances whenever necessary. All the prosecutorial duties that stood necessary for the municipal court were handled by Hercules efficiently.

At the same time, in 2009, Hercules co-founded a new firm named Pappas & Wolf LLC. This was meant exclusively for mediation and litigation practice. The firm worked especially for employment law, family law, education law, and military law, along with business litigation and criminal defense. He worked alongside this firm for three years.

Once Hercules outgrew his interest in practicing law in small firms, he founded the Hercules Law Group, LLC, in 2012. Established with the intention of focusing on criminal defense and civil litigation, the Hercules Law Group is dedicated when it comes to providing outstanding legal services. Its foundation has a clear grasp of legal policies and management along with unrivaled experience in case management tactics and techniques.


Business law is a complicated world that requires a thorough understanding of the different aspects of the corporate universe as well as a conscientious knowledge about the legalities involved in it. Currently, Hercules Pappas is associated with the New Jersey State Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Camden and Burlington County Bar Association, Medford Returning Veterans Committee, and Hellenic Bar Association.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Hercules Pappas is a loving husband and a dedicated father. He also enjoys renovating his home on his own.


Hercules Pappas has established a well-known career through his knowledge and expertise through his legal journey surpassing more than. 2 decades. He started with a degree in law and became this magnanimous persona giving his best to fight for your legal right.


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