Health Impact of Boxing Workout


Health is wealth.

How many times have you come across this cliché? Do you believe in it, like having a firm a faith in the power of this statement?

What do you do about it?Well, stop being a couch potato, get out of your lazy routine and rid yourself of an inactive lifestyle.

Inactivity as a lifestyle choice?

Never justify inactivity as a lifestyle option.

An active lifestyle is not only testament to a healthy body but it is also the way to living a life free of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders- all of which have an impact on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Research has even gone to the level of correlating moderate levels of exercise with improved cognitive abilities and medium to high intensity work outs to positively impact the speed of information processing. Imagine the amount of good that could come out in a world where one of the key rising issues is obesity.

Studies from US National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) consider physical exercise critically important in mood improvement, higher levels of self-efficacy, task goal orientation, and even a better self-concept.

Life of inactivity on the other hand could give you a nightmare with

  • Hormonal issues
  • Bad-weight gain
  • Loss of mineral content in bones making them weak and brittle
  • Poor blood circulation, immunity and greater proneness to inflammatory diseases

Boxing workout is now one of the top choices for an active lifestyle among men and women alike – thanks to the trendsetting by some legendary professional fighters and the innumerable health benefits that the boxers have experienced.

Not to forget how the industry for boxing gear has evolved to offer unique options like ordering personalized boxing glovesas an expression of one’s boxing style & stance and personality. No wonder boxing workout in itself is now recognized as more of lifestyle option than merely a combat sport.

How can boxing improve my health?

Now this has been said time and again but really, you can’t emphasize the positive impact of boxing workout enough –‘ fitness boxing’ coined in an article published as aHarvard Health Letter says much.

Here’s a quick round up of its real health impact.

Muscle and bone strength

Have you noticed how merely the punches on a bag or a pad make your entire set of bones and muscles move during a boxing exercise? That and constant movement of the legs is what helps build the strength of the upper body and core. You’d only realize the real impact of this once you’re headed to old age, which, we are sure, you can delay by adopting such an active life style.

For one, your improved muscle and bone strength conditions would keep you away from common later issues like inability to even step out of a chair or carrying a heavy shopping bag.


Let’s just say a good workout routine is your preparation for the upcoming adult years where several people begin to experience difficulty in balancing their body on ground. Whether you are doing some bag work, shadow boxing or simply sparring, the ability to manage your weight while standing is your training to balance your body otherwise as well in the oddest of circumstances.

The key is in an improved ability and timings to respond – to punches and attacks during the sessions and to plain instances like a bump on the sidewalk in your daily life.

Boosted endurance

Standing the impact of the bag or the blows and punches during sparring sessions does not go to a waste. Don’t forget, even techniques like shadow boxing are not about avoiding blows alone, there may not be a real ring but there definitely is excessive body movement, sweating and the need to stretch those reflexes beyond normal levels in order to master the art even as your fitness regime.

The target? Building endurance to demanding situations, within or outside the ring.


Maintaining impeccable motor functions could become difficult as one grows older. When you are boxing however, the constant need to make your hands move in tandem with your eyes for a timely response to the opponent’s blow is your mental exercise. This, is your road to improving and even training your brain on alertness – one of the keys to making you a boxing champion too.

Mood enhancement

No less than an adrenaline rush, the entire boxing drill makes your brain feel engaged and relaxed at the same time simply by release of endorphins in the body. And then ridding yourself of unnecessary body fat for a well-toned structure, is a sure way to give you the mental peace and obesity free life.

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