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Alain Templeman

The term growth hacking is in itself a confirmation that marketing techniques for startups and business have greatly developed and have been improvised. Marketing at a later stage is not as challenging as your name comes out of the first place and growth from here comes hacking.

One need to be very creative and the developer of database programming to effectively develop hacking to make a significant difference. Here Alain Templeman is going to tell you the most effective strategies for hacking development.

Alain Templeman

Be Unique:

Adopt strategies that make your product stand up and immediately available to a large group of people immediately. It is a customer psychology that people always wish to be part of something special and special.

Offer Something for Free:

Although there is no free lunch in life, the word ‘free’ is always capable of attracting people and if the word is strategically applied, then they are ready to ignore the cost which they actually have in the product / the service is to be paid for whatever they are free of charge.

Start a Referral Program:

Both large and small businesses have benefited from a referral program and it works for both ways, so develop a referral program so that your customers automatically attract other customers without you for doing anything about you.

Alain Templeman

Study the Customer’s Desire:

Among the essential things that you should know about your customer is what they really are in your product. Advertise that, exploit; what you have to do to keep very important things in your product.

Alain Templeman – Entrepreneur & Media Strategist from Alain Templeman on Vimeo.

Alain Templeman – Entrepreneur & Media Strategist from Alain Templeman on Vimeo.

Relate to the Customers in a Language that they Understand:

Once you fully understand and understand the target market, you have to know the culture of which they use and follow it so you can reach them in a language they understand and therefore you are related.

Establish the Market Fit for your Product:

To see if your target market really appreciates the product you are offering. The person who coined this word believes that at least 40% of your products actually need your product.

There is no step by step way for growth hacking your startup. Growth hacking breaks the natural law of biological development; this is the reason why creativity and simplicity is to break the initial development barrier. If you want to explore further information on growth hacking strategies get in touch with Alain Templeman who gives you efficient business plans and marketing schemes.


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