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Yes, You Require an Estate Plan, Even If You Do Not Have an Estate

Estate planning is something that most people don’t want to think about, but it is a part of wealth management. The biggest problem with most estate plans is, quite simply, not having one. That’s why for people to make sure they have a will, an assigned healthcare power of attorney and financial power of attorney, and a living will. We provide professional advice to our clients, who can rely on in all market conditions. To perform our mission, we utilize our deep experience to deliver investment advice and financial planning services to clients and their families.

Victor Pantaleoni provides a full range of wealth and investment planning services to individuals and institutions. He offers a comprehensive team around your personal and financial situation and gives you what is needed to manage your wealth and achieve your long-term goals.

How Estate Planning Works

Estate planning is the process of term who will receive your assets and handle your responsibilities after your death or disability. We ensure beneficiaries receive assets in a way that minimizes estate tax, income tax, and other taxes. You need trust as part of your estate plan. Estate planning ensures that all your assets as physical and financial are takeover by the people, who want them to be transferred after their demise.

Key Estate planning Considerations by Victor Pantaleoni:-

Estate: Everything you own. This covers your home, business, vehicles, and jewelry.

Estate Planning: It’s a process of making arrangements for your estate if you die or become disabled. Living wills and trusts may all be part of your estate plan.

Wills: There are two types of wills, last wills, and Living Wills. Last will give instructions for your estate after your death. A living will is the form of medical care if you become unable to make decisions.

Trusts: Trusts can be shown in different forms. Most people use guarantees to minimize estate taxes and avoid probate. Trust is usually similar to a will in that it gives directions for the care of your belongings, but a trust can go into effect while you are still alive.

Estate tax: Estate tax is the tax raised by the state or federal government when you transfer property at the time of your death. Estate taxes are the only concern for wealthy individuals.

Probate: Probate means a copy of the will certify under the seal of a court of the competent authority. Probate is the legal process by which a will is approved by the court as the last will of a deceased testator. In simple terms, probate means a copy of certification from the court of competent jurisdiction that a will can be transferred to a beneficiary of the will.

Why you should have an Estate Plan

An estate plan is a number of documents that define how you want your money and other assets distributed, making it easier for your loved ones to handle your affairs during a time of grief.


There are many ways to help you set an estate plan in place that best works for you. You can certainly use these ways to create your own plan, however, if you have a great many assets. You should also seek the guidance and advice of your family attorney, an estate attorney, or financial planner as well. Be certain your family is protected.


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