Facebook Or Instagram – Which Has A Better Marketing Strategy For Business?

Facebook Or Instagram

Facebook or Instagram – which one is better for marketing your business? This is the most common buzz we often come across when marketers plan for social media marketing.

Social media marketing is one very popular digital marketing strategies recommended for every business, irrespective of its size and type. Popular channels like Facebook and Instagram are highly prioritized to build huge customer engagement and create brand visibility online.

However, marketers planning for social media marketing in Delhi, often ends up in confusion: where to invest – on Facebook or Instagram?

Let’s start the discussion with some following statistics.
Facebook or Instagram – which one to prefer for social media marketing?
Some important statistics on the two popular platforms are as follows.

Facebook statistics:

Facebook is considered as the vast social networking platform with 2.38 billion monthly users.
96% of active users prefer to use mobile devices to access the channel.
40% of online users spend more time on Facebook videos/
65 million small-scale marketers have their own business pages on Facebook.
74% of the marketers have announced that Facebook marketing strategy is their success key.

Instagram statistics:

Instagram is a growing social media channel with 1 billion active users per month.
500 million Instagram users prefer to use the Instagram story.
Among the billions of users worldwide, 37% of users are from the US.
68% of Instagram users are active daily.

65% of marketers have achieved their success using Instagram marketing strategy.
Statistics speak a lot. But let us give more light to the comparison aspects.

1.Instagram is better for building brand engagement:Instagram is just a recent addition to the social media networking platforms. But within a couple of years, the channel has made its entry to the top list.

A business page on Facebook may have thousands of followers. In fact, it does. But if you view the number of likes and comments of a particular post related to the business, you will witness Instagram has more likes and comments than the king of social media. This clearly states how Instagram is more useful for building brand engagement.

According to the social media engagement study, brands have only 0.09% engagement for a Facebook post while they achieve 1.60% engagement for their Instagram post. This shows the difference.

2.Facebook wins for improving brand visibility: Facebook is running for years and so has a wide user base compared to Instagram. This fact is already proved by the above statistics.
As a result, when it comes to brand visibility, Facebook overpowers Instagram by making the brand visible to a wide audience. Facebook allows marketers to filter their posts according to their targeted audience. This enhances the reach and provides the right search results, ensuring a better chance for improving brand presence online.

3.Instagram is better at attracting the younger audience: Facebook is used by users of all ages. But if you look at the percentage of users on Instagram, you will find the young audience are more attracted to this channel.

Quite obvious. Instagram has just made a few years into the digital marketplace. And the young adults and teenagers are finding this social media channel more trending than Facebook.

The reason behind this is the integration of some trending features like IGTV videos, IG story, and much more. Though Facebook has a huge range of features and is also coming up with some new sets, the trending Instagram is getting more and more popular among the younger audience. It is just like a boy replacing his old toy with a new one.

4.Facebook is easier for sharing information: Facebook, in contrast with Instagram,allows users to share information without any limitations. You can share links, blogs, content, videos, and graphics without tampering the quality or size. However, with Instagram, this is not possible.

Instagram only allows adding the link to the bio. Pictures are often cropped and videos are loaded to the IGTV section, sharing only a preview clip on the timeline.

This proves that Facebook gives freedom to share any kind of information with the audience. While Instagram has some specific criteria to follow. This makes Facebook a better option than Instagram when it comes to sharing information.

The Bottom Line

With billions of active users and advanced features, it can be easily concluded that both Facebook and Instagram have the potential to take a business to the next level. No doubt, both these channels are well-recognized for good customer engagement, huge business outreach, heavy traffic, and better advertising.
We would recommend the business to hit like for both, instead of figuring out the differences that build a comparison.

Running campaigns on these social media channels will bring heavy traffic from two popular sources. If you consult with the experts of a digital agency in Delhi, you will find them speaking the same.
Stay tuned with social media!


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