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Enlte - interview
Enlte - Blockchain based review engine

This is an interview of Mr. Anupam Sharma, CEO and Founder, Enlte.

About the founders
Anupam Sharma, CEH ( Certified ethical hacker ), LPT and CHFI from Ec-Council. More than 10+ years of experience in programming, network and computer security, Digital marketing, forensics and blockchain. Founded Hacksurance – Insurance against Cyberattacks sold it for an undisclosed amount in 2016. Stepped into cryptocurrencies and blockchain in 2017. Launched enlte 1.0 in 2018 with one of the fastest growth ever with over 700,000 users in 6 months of launch. Raised 1.5 million dollars in ICO in 2018.

What is Enlte and what problem are you trying to solve?
Enlte is an open and free social platform to share and review your experiences about any product, services, businesses, places or anything you feel like. Enlte is a blockchain based which rewards its users for content development and sharing the information over the platform. We here at Enlte are trying to resolve one of the biggest problem of being a platform between customers and businesses. Not only that, we are trying to be a bridge between users, government, organizations, businesses.

Well that’s a unique project. And it is on blockchain. Can you let us know about it? 

Enlte launched its blockchain back in 2018 however later on we enabled Enlte App coin to enlte token swaps which were based on ERC20 tokens ( ethereum ). Enlte reviews are on the blockchain and are permanently written so that no manipulation can happen in future. We are the world first reviews on blockchain based social network. Instead we are the first review or experience based social network.

It is really interesting. We watched a video advertisement of enlte and it explained a bit about how people can send real time notifications? How does it work?

Yes, that is the real time feature. As we have recently launched our new version of the application, it is not available but we plant to launch it in first stable version of our web app. This feature will enable users to send a real time notification to all the people nearby if they are in trouble. Like a user can leave a negative review and people around them will receive a negative notification about the negative experience of a person.

How does content rewarding system work? Is it on blockchain as well?

Yes the content rewarding system is on blockchain. The users will be paid in enlte points for  sharing reviews and experiences on the platform. Right now we focus on paying in Fiat currencies initially until we gain some momentum and once it is successful and tested. We will launch it in enlte tokens.

How does business pages work? Is it something similar to instagram and facebook?

Business pages need to be claimed from the businesses. Once they are claimed, the businesses can either opt for free or paid versions. Paid versions will include adding offers, discounts on their page so that customers can try their discounted services and leave their unbiased feedback helping businesses improve. As per the latest survey over 85% of the people review products or services before buying them. Year 2018 it was 78%, 2019 81% and 2020 it is 85%. Clearly the demand for seeing real life reviews is increasing. So more reviews is equal to more customers. We also offer sponsored listings for the paid customers.

What is your plan with Enlte for next 6 months?

We plan to get approx 1,000+ paid businesses listed with us. We aim to receive over 50,000 – 100,000 reviews and experiences on the platform. We aim to employee over 500 to 1000 paid users from this platform. We also plan to re-introduce Enlte tokens into it within next 6 months. And maybe launching the token in a crypto exchange by then.

We are really excited for the launch and success of enlte. You can visit enlte at https://enlte.com


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