Dr. Sue Cornbluth: Meet the Dr. Sue & You Parent Alienation Solution Team

Dr. Sue Cornbluth

Dr. Sue Cornbluth’s parental alienation coaching techniques are changing the lives of alienated parents and around the world.

“You can change your life and become unstuck by learning how to take actionable steps to recreate the best version of yourself and for your children. It begins with you reconnecting with yourself.”

Dr. Sue has created a professional team completely designated to the welfare of your life and your children’s lives during and after a divorce. Since each situation is different, Dr. Sue personally pairs alienated and estranged parents with a team member that can help them manage their new life style. By working with their team you will also be able to grow within your role as a single parent with reinforcement from us. Divorce can be hard to manage and split custody can seem impossible, but with Dr. Sue and her team your fears and concerns will be acknowledged and worked on.

By teaming up with professionals who provide you with the intense coaching, action plans, strategies and educational tools you need to rebuild a relationship with your child you begin to take back power of your situation. Success comes from intense hands on skills that you can learn and apply to change your complicated situation. You must remember that you have to reconnect with yourself first to reconnect with your children.

Here is what clients are saying:

I went through a lot of emotional suffering fighting a custody battle and some of my children where taken from me and where ripped away without me having any contact with them for years. My heart was shattered and I was filled with the ever missing void inside me. I was then refereed to Dr Sue and started working with her. Dr Sue not only listened to my story with my children she also helped me out a whole lot to find an oasis of inner peace in the midst of all this. I learned to forgive, let go and allow. I felt so understood so respected and acknowledged with her continuous courage and praise she held my hand through this painful journey bringing hope for a brighter tomorrow. I could not of been able to do it any other way that’s how shattered and traumatized I was. Dr Sue has the professionalism intelligence and kindheartedness brining you the best of both worlds. (Alienated Mother of 6 Reunited)

Thank you Dr. Sue Cornbluth! You are a God sent without a doubt. Lawyers did nothing for us. They wouldn’t even take our case. Then you and your team came along and reunited our family. We can’t thank you enough. Everyone needs your services. (Stepfather & Mother to 3 boys)

So Be Assured That Dr. Sue and her Team Will

  • Create a specific “Action” planfor you to manage the issues surrounding your high conflict divorce.
  • Teach you specific tools and strategiesfor how to prevent parental alienation or stop it while it is occurring.
  • Teach you specific techniqueson how to reconnect with your alienated children.
  • Teach you how to maintainclear emotional boundaries with your ex-spouse.
  • Teach you how to stop feeling intimatedby the alienating parent.
  • Empower you to becomeproactive rather than reactive when it comes to your ex spouses behaviors

For Help Contact Dr. Sue & You at www.drsueandyou.com


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