Austin Kerr – Set It off – Real Estate Investing Tips for Beginners


Investing in real estate requires some amount of experience before one could make any profit out of it. As it could be one of the biggest investments in one’s life, one must not want to lose his/her life savings by investing wrongly. This is why; first-timers may hold themselves back to invest in it. With some ready-to begin tips advised by real estate experts in the US such as Austin Kerr and others; beginners can invest without making some rookie mistakes.

Below are some of the main tips that every beginner must consider:

Market Trends

Real estate is continuously changing. The trends which are favorable in the present may turn out unfavorable anytime. Investing as per market trends is important. “It is not uncommon for the first-timers to invest in something which is not in trends and then repenting for the loss,” says Austin Kerr – Set it off, the leading real estate investor in the US.

Hence, it is advisable to be aware of the changing real estate trends before investing.

Austin Kerr - Set It off


Different factors decide the fate of investors. The location of a real estate is one such important deciding factor in the success of real estate investing. There are different types of real estate strategies and property types such as fixing and flipping of houses, multi-family houses, and single-family houses, residential and commercial properties. The right location of properties makes your business grow. On the other hand, even the best of the properties will not give better profits without the right location of the property.

Starting Small

Real estate investing may be one of your life’s biggest investments. Hence, investing wrongly could mean loss of life savings. This is why; investing in real estate must be small initially. Once you start getting profits in a particular strategy then you must not shy investing more if the trend is still favorable.


It is one of the fastest-growing industries and requires the involvement of different professionals for the successful completion of a project. Networking among renters, sellers, buyers, landlords, real estate agents, etc is important. If you want to sell your real estate then chances are that there must be a great number of buyers who are looking for their best buys.

Austin Kerr - Set It off

Sending Personal Messages to Sellers

As there is cut-throat competition in the industry, standing out from your competitors require special efforts. Numerous buyers would like to buy real estate having a good location. We, humans, are more emotional than logical and most of our decisions or buying or selling habits revolve around our emotions. This is where; sending personal messages to sellers comes in. You could say a seller that this is the house that your mother wished to buy who is no more or any other relatable idea. While sending messages you must not come across as fake and must not exaggerate it.


Successful Investing in real estate requires some experience before anyone could make profits out of it. As it could be your life’s biggest investment you must not invest in it before considering some tips that have the stamp of approval from real estate experts such as Austin Kerr – Set it off and others. Some of these include the right location, investing as per market trends, starting small, networking with industry people, sending personal messages to sellers.


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