Asaf Zanzuri | CEO – Balam Security

Asaf Isarel zanzuri

The Mexican government has recently purchased an Aerostar tactical unmanned aerial system (TUAS). The purchase has been made through Balam Security (Balam seguridad privada S.A. de C.V.), which is a vendor of military equipment and security systems in Latin America.

The size of the deal, while not revealed, has been estimated at $15 million which includes peripheral systems, support, and integration services. This deal includes active and comprehensive support in installing and integrating the system, featuring advanced cyber systems for intelligence gathering.

Aerostar owns a variety of advanced intelligence-gathering tools. Along with it, it owns digital communications, ground control stations, etc. Currently, the Aerostar service is used by 15 security services, armies, and other intelligence organizations worldwide. It is also used by Afghan allied forces. Active aircraft have performed more than 120,000 hours of operational flight so far.

Balam Security CEO Asaf Israeli Zanzuri says that the Aerostar UAV will help the Mexicans to collect information and intelligence while benefitting from the real-time target acquisition and surveillance capabilities and integrating with the client’s current systems. The entry of Aerostar UAS has been important for Balam Security

He also mentioned that the project has all the operational support and peripheral system for the UAV, along with communications systems and can distribute reliable intelligence in real-time. It also provides training of operating crews and technicians.

Asaf Israeli Zanzuri is an accomplished multi-skilled executive. He has extensive and diverse international experience in the homeland security industry, cybersecurity systems, surveillance, and recognized UAV systems. His experience includes developing and producing high-end field communication technology.

Over his 10 years of experience with specialization in Homeland Security projects, Asaf Israeli Zanzuri has performed a range of management and leadership roles in a demanding and challenging environment.

The project is very unique to Balam Security regarding the use of advanced cyber systems for gathering intelligence. Over recent years, Balam Security clients include the Mexican government, along with the Columbian and Chilean, and supplied intelligence systems and cyber control rooms to Columbia and Chile.


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