Amazing DIY Ways To Light Up Your Dorm Room

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This one requires creativity and I bet you’re crazy about it, aren’t you? People with a creative mindset have a weird attraction to the word “DIY”. If you’re new to this, DIY means “do it yourself” and so, this article is about different ways to light up your room by doing things all by yourself! If you’re a DIY freak, then this one is just for you.

Room lights are a mood for sure. Plus, the mood of the room dweller depends on the lighting, did you know that already? The ambiance it creates can change our emotions from anger and depression to happiness and joy! There are like hundreds of ways you can light up the room but not all of them are decorative as well. You don’t just want to illuminate but also decorate, right? I’m going to tell you about different DIY tricks to make beautiful lights and charm up your whole room. The best thing is, it could be any room – doesn’t matter if it’s a dormitory or your own bedroom at your house. So let’s get started, shall we?

1.Glowing Jars

Just like a bunch of little fairies trapped in a jar. Isn’t that soothing to watch? The luminance it produces is just remarkable. The amazing thing about them is that they are EXTREMELY easy to make. You just have to have a jar or maybe 2-3 of them. Make as many as you want! A trail of little led lights would be great. And yes, you just make a bunch out of it and put it inside the jar. Make sure that you have a pack of batteries in there as well to light them up. Or, if they require AC power, you might need to poke a hole in the jar to take out the wire and power the light with a wall socket.

2.Cloudy Lights

Imagine a bunch of clouds in your room just under your ceiling with hanging lights. Such a beautiful view, isn’t it? It looks much more attractive if you actually make it and it’s so easy to make. Just get a few paper lanterns and a lot of cotton. Glue the cotton on the lanterns so they look like clouds. Hang the clouds on a round stick and hang the lights on it as well. It should look like the lights are hanging as if its raining. It’s easy and super fun!

3.Copper Rings

As the name implies, you have to make rings out of copper. I’m actually talking about copper refrigeration coils because they are flexible and can easily cut as well using pliers. You can get them from any refrigeration hardware store. Make as many rings out of it of any size (you can make them in multiple sizes) then all you have to do is wrap the trail of little LED lights around the ring. Make sure that each LED is a bit far from each other.

4.Lava Lamp

All you need for this DIY is a big bottle of soda (empty, of course), cooking oil, food coloring, and Alka Seltzer tablets. You can get these tablets from any medical store. Once you have all the ingredients with you, fill a quarter of the bottle with water and then fill 80-90% of it with cooking oil. Take some food coloring and squeeze around 5 drops of it into the bottle. Then you have to add 2 Alka Seltzer tablets into it. Everything is done now except for the light. For that, you have to get any surface LED light from a hardware store that can be attached underneath the bottle facing upwards. Power it up and voila! Your beautiful lava lamp is ready!


It’s amazing if you use candles to light up your room because not only it’s a classic way to do it but it creates a very soothing ambiance. Make sure that you know about the different types of candles so you could decide according to the style of your room. Also, you have to make sure that the candles are of the best available quality to ensure that they last long, don’t have a weird and irritating smell, look good, and give your room a very nice ambiance and aura. For this, always get the ones with great quality candle packaging boxes because this is the indicator that the candles are amazing. Dawn Printing is the packaging company that usually provides high profile candle manufacturers their candle packaging boxes.

The only thing that is DIY in this one is that you carve the candles with beautiful floral designs in order to prevent them from looking ordinary.


There are multiple techniques you can use to make your room look super awesome but if there are no lights, you can’t make it look beautiful. This is why I shared with you a few fun DIY techniques to make lights and decorate your room with them. You will surely end up with an extremely beautiful looking bed room or dormitory that not only you but every visitor will cherish. Do you want more interesting DIY hacks? Just let me know! 😉


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