How to Stay Fit and Well by Alex Patrick Zanders

Alex Patrick Zanders

You are one of those who need motivation all the time to carry on exercising. You are one of those who keep looking for excuses to skip the schedule. If both these statements sound familiar to you, you must read this post by fitness and wellness trainer Alex Patrick Zanders. If you can’t stop thinking about staying fit and are looking for all possible easy ways to do the trick, you must read this till the end.

If a Health Survey is to be believed, about 42% of women and 34% of men are not exercising as much as it is required for a human body to function meteorically. Additionally, 69% of the men and 77% of the women are engaging in physical activities. Furthermore, obesity is adding to life long diseases.

We will all agree that we must do more, but sometimes it rains and we have a new excuse.  Alex Patrick Zanders gives us 5 pieces of advice that you can swiftly include in your daily routine to stay fit.

Don’t go out, Do it at home

When you prepare to go out for a run you want to ensure good shoes, prepare a bottle of water, keep a towel, or maybe looking for a bandana. You do all that to show off than to actually do the running job. Alex Patrick Zanders suggests making it a habit to do it at home. Start by jogging on the spot inside the house. This way, you will not make excuses for the bad weather.

Do it alone

When you have a running partner or a gym partner you tend to miss out a day when the partner isn’t available. Alex suggests making it a habit to be a lone runner. If this does not motivate you, nothing will.

Add balance training on every birthday

As you grow old, you will begin to lose muscle mass. Consult a fitness trainer to help you with exercises that will slow down the loss. You may also like to change the type of exercise you have been doing. Your body responds to exercises differently as you grow. It further behaves differently on men and women.

Buy the right food

When you buy right, you will eat right. Fitness and wellness not just include working out to build an attractive body, but skin, hair, eyesight, etc. Ensure you buy fresh fruits & vegetables and not the canned option. Say no to junk and make friends with healthy options like nuts & berries bars for munching. Look for food that is less processed. So, will there be no cheat days? Well, if you can balance it out the very next hour, nothing must stop you. Having said that, if you can avoid cheat meals completely, nothing like it.

Cooking is both Gender’s Job

When you cook your own food, you know what you are eating. Eating your own cooked meals lets you keep a track of how much of what you are eating. Further, you can involve your family to make it a happy session which ultimately helps in keeping you well.

Alex’s Bonus Tips

Eat a diet that is packed with all the required nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. The best way to start this is by making a colorful plate. The more colorful your platter, the more variety you are eating. Keep a positive mind, and a happy soul. Remember, a body that does not exercise does not live well for long. All this if done under the supervision of a professional who will help you do it the right way.

If you looking for more fitness tips like these from Alex Patrick Zanders. Stay glued to this space.


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