Abe Malla- Interior Design-Reflection & How It Affects Mood?

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The answer to the question of whether or not the interior design is a reflection of one’s mind depends on who you ask. Homes are the closest to our hearts. There are numerous effects of the interior designing of the homes on hum-mn behavior and the subconscious. Whether we are at our home or in the office, the design of the space greatly influences our mood and emotions. This is why; we experience a different kind of emotions while walking through different rooms of the home designed differently. The walls of the rooms having different colors set a different kind of emotions in us. Some of these colors may have a soothing effect on the eyes while others may leave our eyes tiresome and disturbing due to the excessive brightness of the colors. 

There are different ways for mood setting. For example, black and white floors may make you nostalgic due to their excessive use in old films. There is a psychological impact of black and white-colored floors which you may have experiences of. The black and white-colored floors give the human mind the signals of the unevenness of the floor. As per industry professionals such as Abe Malla and others, the design is particularly effective in the crowded areas of the home, business such as lobbies, cafeterias, etc.

How Proper Lightening Makes the Mood

The candlelight dinner with your beloved is enough to make your mood. Similarly, the dim lighting at restaurants makes you less conscious of your surroundings. Hence, you feel more comfortable having your dinner and conversing with your partners. Not only the lights change our moods but it also affects our emotions. It is a known fact that bright lights heighten intense emotions whereas blue lights increase energy levels. Similarly, the dim sunlight entering into our rooms increase serotonin levels in our brains and make us happier. The excessive darkness may make your room gloomy and you depressed over some time. This is why, as per the professional interior designers such as Malla and others. The proper lighting of the room makes the mood of the individual.

How It Is a Reflection of One’s Mind

We as humans are governed by our minds. There is no aspect of our life where the vital organ has left to make its presence. Whether we make choices, choose relations, express interests or even reason of hateness, it has to pass through the brain. Such is the power of the brain that it works without making us realize its presence. As the subconscious brain is working all the time, we are essentially nothing but the brains; not in the strictest sense of the brain. As it is associated with a connotation of deprivation of emotions but emotions do play an important role in the formation of our desires, likings, and wishes. The interiors of the house of a person have a lot to do with his emotions, likings, and psychology and no creation can be devoid of some elements of the creator. Hence, the décor of the homes is essentially a reflection of the mind of the owner.

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Conclusion: The interior design of homes affects the mood and emotion of the person. This is why; different colors set different moods and arouse different emotions. Lightening of the rooms also makes or breaks the mood of the person. As per industry experts such as Malla and other interior design is a reflection of one’s mind as every individual has different likings, interests, desires and see things differently.


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