Abe Malla – How to Start a Furniture Market

Furniture Market

Do you want to work on your own? Then you must be thinking about to start a business. It is not uncommon for the newbie to get confused about the business ideas which are a little offbeat. You may know a thing or two about the designs and wood quality.  You should have a determination to put your heart and soul into it. “Simply by having an attitude of learning will pay its huge dividends to any individual,” says Abe Malla, the most sought after professionals in the furniture industry.

Below are some tips which you must consider to have an edge over your competition right from the beginning.

Finding your niche and sticking to it: The first step towards your journey will be to find your niche. It should depend on what you are interested in rather than following your competitors. While picking it make sure it should be profitable from market point of view. “The whole idea is to choose something which is viable from market point of view besides serving the purpose of individual interest” as simply put by Abe. You must consider following points to find it and then stick to it.

  1. Specify the furniture type you are interested to make such as only office furniture or furniture for the home.
  2. Know the style of furniture you are most interested in and also understand the market trends associated with it.
  3. Get an idea of the materials that will be used to make the products you are interested in.

Creating a buyer’s persona: Every product has a certain set of customers. No product can meet the needs and aspirations of all. Before launching your product in mind, you should know your target audience. Create a buyer’s persona of your ideal customer on as many factors as you can. The benefit of creating a buyer’s persona lies in the fact that it will make your marketing more focused. When you know whom to sell then it is obvious that your time will be saved from unnecessary things. It is all right to create more than one buyer’s persona.

Furniture Market in USA

Choosing the right location: Location is the most important part of any business if you have decided to open a physical store. While choosing a location, you should consider the following points.

  • The location should be such that it should make it easier for you to showcase the furniture to make maximum profits.
  • Make sure that the place should be easily accessible for all.
  • The warehouse place should be convenient for suppliers. It should be spacious.

Good online presence matters: Having a good online presence can’t be ignored these days. Most of the customers these days will most likely to search online before making the mind to buy a product. If you have a good online presence then you can gain good customers. It is an absolute necessity to have a well-designed website. Your website should be complete in all respects. Make sure to use SEO to rank your website higher. Most of the customers never go beyond the first page in their search results.

Conclusion: Starting a furniture business is all about having challenges. If you are willing to learn, then you must jump into this line of work. You must put your heart and soul in it. Some of the tips that help you have an edge over your competitors include finding your niche, creating buyer’s persona, choosing the right location and having a good online presence as backed by Abe Malla.


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