A night to remember at Billionaire Mansion &Sumosan Dubai

Sanjeev Nanda

Billionaire Mansion &Sumosan by hospitality maven Sanjeev Nanda took us on a gastronomical and aesthetical extravaganza

One of the most popular ultra-luxe restaurants in Dubai, Billionaire Mansion had been on our checklist for so long. So, when we finally got the chance to make a visit, we couldn’t help ourselves but jump in excitement. We had a fair idea of the place being magnificent, but the fact that it would surpass the existing notions of luxury was beyond our imaginations.

A perfect marriage of luxury and sensuousness, Billionaire Mansion had an electric vibe. The brainchild of FlavioBriatore and Sanjeev Nanda, this restaurant redefines fine dining. Since it’s oozing with glamour from every corner, the place is quite a hotspot for Dubai’s swish set. The restaurant spans the first floor of Taj Dubai, and houses an Italian grill, Japanese-led Sumosan restaurant, and a chic nightclub.

We were so amazed by the ambience that we almost forgot the reason why we went there in the first place – the food! The menu was a skilfully curated one, amalgamating the Italian and Japanese cuisines to perfection. The price point was high, but that’s something one might expect from an establishment of this stature. Nevertheless, the quality in terms of food and service made up for the few extra bucks we had to shell out.

The dual cuisine confused us a bit, so we ended up trying both. The Italian menu consisted of traditional dishes and reinvented classics. On the other hand, the Japanese menu featured mouth-watering delicacies from the fabled Sumosan. To just read the menu was nothing short of a treat for the senses.
From Gyoza with Wagyu Beef to the Truffle Hamachi Tiradito, every single dish that we ordered was packed with flavors. Even the simpler ones like Roasted Artichoke, Sun-Dried Tomato & Rocket Salad tasted divine and left a resounding impression on our palate. But the party at Billionaire Mansion was not over yet. We were up for the main courses.

The Lamb Chops titillated our taste buds and kicked thing up a notch. The flavour and texture were heavenly. We had also ordered our all-time favorite Beef Short Ribs. Some dishes are beyond description and it was one of them. With the meat falling off the bone served with a sauce of such intense flavour, it was certainly the standout dish of the evening.

After such a wholesome main course, it was now time for us to relish on some dessert. Our first order was the Light & Dark Fondant. It was served encased in a sugar spun nest, making the presentation immaculate. White chocolate oozed from the centre and a simple ice cream helped offset the richness. The experience was beyond any comparison.
To make an already exotic meal even more special, we next had Tiramisu. It offered the perfect combination of flavours, adding a delicate and refined touch to the hearty meal. The theatrics that went on in the background – the dancers, singers, and magicians – made it an incredibly memorable experience. We couldn’t ask for more!


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