7 Romantic and Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend’s Birthday


Is your boyfriend’s birthday just around the corner, and you have no idea what to give him? Don’t panic; you’re not the only one. It’s a universal truth that buying gifts for guys is more hectic than buying for girls. In addition, it gets more challenging when it comes to your boyfriend, as you would like to surprise him with a romantic gift. Send Flowers To mumbai to deliver it at his doorstep as they are a staple birthday gift for your partner. But except this, we have come up with 7 more romantic birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend you can use or seek inspiration from.

Your aim on this day is to make your boyfriend feel loved and special; one of the best things to do to achieve this is serving breakfast in bed. It will make a perfect gift if you two live together. Get up before him and cook his favorite breakfast. Then put them in a tray, and surprise him with this sweet gesture of love. To add a more romantic touch, you can also put roses in the tray with online flower delivery in India. It may seem nothing extraordinary, but your boyfriend will surely love the thought process you put into it.

Go to the place you first met

Visiting the place you two first met will be the best surprise gift, especially if you two have been dating for a long while, as that place becomes emotionally connected with both of you. Recollecting those memories is bound to leave your boyfriend beaming with happiness. Going to the place you had your first date or first kiss are also two of the great options. If the place abides, you can also arrange for a small picnic, and enjoy the time together.

Surprise birthday party

Who doesn’t love a surprise party? Invite all of his friends and even those with whom he doesn’t often meet without his knowledge, and surprise him. He will surely appreciate the time and effort you have put into organizing the party. Make sure the party has good music and delicious food. However, if he isn’t into huge parties, you can invite only his close friends and family to spend the day with him. But make sure the day is filled with amazing activities.

A basket full of happiness

Grab a basket and fill it up with everything that you think will bring a smile to his face. Consider putting a CD of his favorite album, the chocolate he can’t resist, the latest edition of his favorite book, tickets to the game he loves, and a new movie that he is long awaiting to see. However, you can add things on your own accord as well. This gift highlights your caring side towards him in the best way possible, and one can only imagine his happiness after seeing the gift. Lastly, decorate the basket with beautiful flowers with same-day flower delivery in ahmedabad, so the flowers look fresh and new.

Plan the day with surprises

This gift idea is as romantic as it is fun. Start with buying various gifts, wrap them up, and then hide them all around the house. Now send him on a quest with small riddles, which he has to solve to know where the gift is hidden. Make sure these gifts are unique and romantic. However, don’t let him find the gifts all at once, instead plan it thoroughly throughout the day to make it more suspenseful and enjoyable.

Cool gadget

If your boyfriend keeps on buying new and unique gadgets, which probably isn’t essential, then this gift is perfect for him. It might not be a romantic gift in your eye, but for your boyfriend, it is one of the best gifts you can give him. Get him a video camera or a smartphone, but if you are on a budget, there are many cool affordable gadgets available in the market as well. However, you can also get him a flower bouquet from the best site to send flower in Bangalore alongside it to add a romantic feel.

Collage of pictures

Bring out all the pictures of you two together, and select the ones with the happiest moments, and make a collage of them. Get a big enough frame to insert the collage. You can also DIY the frame to make it look more personalized. It will bring back all the memories you two had together every time he’ll look at it. It won’t take much of your time and effort but would be a great thoughtful gift idea at the same time.

Now you have a wide range of romantic gift ideas option to give to your boyfriend. Choose the one that would make him happiest.


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