6 myths and facts about weight-loss supplements

6 myths and facts about weight-loss supplements
6 myths and facts about weight-loss supplements

>Are weight loss supplements real? Let’s find out. Having a good physique and a decent body shape takes time and effort and plenty of discipline. One cannot achieve a good body if he or she is not ready to put in the hard work and only take the route of shortcuts. It is also important that one keep in mind the fact that it’s necessary to be practical about your approach when you join a gym or a fitness center to work on your body. Practicality should be kept separate from emotion. An emotional thought process can motivate you but it won’t promise the right direction and footsteps to achieve your desired outcome. Similarly, a practical approach or thought may seem bitter and difficult to follow at times, but it is going to give you what you’re looking for without any adverse effect. When it comes to stepping into the world of fitness to have a well-toned body, there are certain questions one should ask from him or herself before using any weight loss supplements.

What questions you should ask before working on your physique

What is my body type?
What percentage of fat to muscle ratio is there in my body?
Am I eating the right food?
Am I getting enough sleep which my body requires?
All these questions should be answered before you join a gym to gain or lose weight. To have a desired body shape only working out at a gym with weights and cardio is not enough. Even the use of UK steroids won’t give you the results if all above questions are left without an analysis. Like, if we consider the first question about what body type a particular individual has, then do keep in mind there are in total 3 body types.

Types of body structures
1- Ectomorph

A person with an ectomorph body type has a skinny and not so muscular structure. His or her body frame won’t be that wide and won’t be that well-toned. Apart from body morphology, the metabolism of an ectomorph person is usually very high and it is comparatively difficult for him or her to put on weight and muscle.

2- Endomorph
When it comes to a person who is more on the endomorph side, then his body features will be totally opposite that of an ectomorph one. Meaning, he or she will have a bulkier body and thick skin. Metabolism won’t be that high, in fact, it can be quite slow for endomorphs and that is the reason they struggle to burn off those calories and put on weight easily. It gets really hard for them to lose weight.

3- Mesomorph
Now a mesomorph body structure is considered to be an ideal body structure as it is the right combination of an ectomorph and an endomorph structure. People having these kinds of body types generally have naturally well-toned physiques, with muscle to fat ratio very slick and just about right. They possess a rectangular body structure and frame and can either gain or lose weight at will as their metabolism is fast enough to burn fats and slow enough to lose any muscle.

How to go about food while working on your body

After analyzing your body type, one should also look at its eating habits and keep in check the daily calorie counts he or she is having through food. It is very important that you have a balanced diet and not indulge in unnecessary diet plans even if you’re thinking of using a weight loss supplement. One should also keep in mind that dieting is not about the quantity of food rather it’s more linked to the quality of food. Then comes another important pillar of a healthy physique and that is sleep or resting phase. You must have 8 hours of sleep if you’re working out to tone up your body because muscle recovery is very important to get results.

Advent of supplements in fitness
A person can get into shape if he or she knows about the basic principles and is able to answer the questions about his or her body type, eating habits and sleep cycle. Then comes the external help which are known as dietary supplements or weight loss supplements along with UK steroids. People buy steroids Uk or these supplements for quick results. Now these products typically come in powdered or tablet form and carry necessary ingredients which are required to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Now there are some common myths about these weight loss supplements which people need to understand.

Supplements can give quick results

People often think that if they have ordered or purchased a weight loss supplement and start using them on a regular basis then it will provide instant results. That is not the case, supplements, as the name suggests, is something which supplicates, meaning it will be an additional help to your overall dieting patterns. But if your existing diet is not calorie-sensitive then these products won’t give you what you’re hoping for.

Supplements are an absolute necessity

One should also keep in mind that food or dietary supplements are designed to provide for any nutrient that your body is lacking through current diet. These things are to cover up for lost processes and nutrients in your body which your lifestyle is causing. So overdependence on these products is a myth.

Supplements are generally safe to use

This is another myth which people should take note of that all supplements are not safe to use. There are some supplements which come under the category of an OTC drug and not a mere dietary supplement. Most weight-loss supplements come under the OTC category and are usually in the form of pills. It is advisable that your doctor recommend these supplements to you or you should give a heads-up to your doctor that you’re using one as these come with side effects which can harm your body.

Any weight-loss supplement can fulfill the purpose

As discussed above, every person has a definite body type, i.e., ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. So, it is not wise at all to purchase any weight-loss supplement before knowing its composition and for which body type it is meant to be used.

Supplements containing herbs helps in weight loss

One of the most common myths about supplements containing various herb sources is that these herbs are vital to make you lean and mean. In fact, it is not true. These herbs like green tea, ginger, etc. only help in food digestion and avoid acid reflux. They themselves don’t really play a role in elevating your metabolism or making your skin thinner.

Popular supplements don’t guarantee 100% effectiveness:

Most often it happens that we hear about a product from someone in our social circle who is bragging about that product and we tend to try it too. This should not be the case, just because a product worked for someone doesn’t mean it will do the same for you since it can trigger your biochemistry in a different way and pace.


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