5 famous online apps for learning online for IAS exam ?

5 famous online apps for learning online for IAS exam ?

With increased digitization education is becoming app-based. So the competitive exam preparation is also taking the form of app-based learning and not classroom coaching. Many app developers have developed specific applications that facilitate preparation for the prestigious IAS examination. Smartphones are no more a luxury but a necessity so the app-based preparation medium serves aspirants from diverse financial backgrounds. The best apps to prepare for the IAS examination can be listed as follows.


●One of the most popular apps for the preparation for IAS is the amazing app of Un-academy.

● The top IAS exam qualifiers are here to guide the aspirants from scratch and ensure their best shot in the examination.

●There is the guidance of esteemed tutors who are stalwarts in their specific disciplines. This makes Un-academy a top choice for the aspirants.

Note – There are many good institutes like Vajirao institute providing online live classes for IAS exam preparation to many students.


● Another widely preferred app for IAS preparation is CivilsDaily. The regularly updated current affairs section.

● One of the prominent features of this app is the flashcards which are available on a daily basis in updated forms. This plays a crucial role in adding an edge to the preparation.

● The best part of the CivilsDaily app is the comprehensive section of the regular News roundups. This is very helpful in the preparation for the general studies papers. Not to forget General Studies has a lot of weightage in terms of the preparation.

3. IASBaba

● The most popular app among the students for the IAS preparation is IASBaba, The aim of this app is to grill a candidate to reach the zenith and secure top ranks.

● The smartly planned course structure, the innovative learning methods and the amazing guidance has made this app popular in no time.

● The mentors and tutors of IASBaba hail from topnotch institutes like IITs and IIMs and hence gives an all-new dimension to the level of teaching and the learning experience.

4. The Hindu

● An integral part of the IAS preparations is a strong grip over the current affairs. This is ensured by a thorough study of the newspapers every day.

● The Hindu is a widely read newspaper in India. The app of this newspapers provides the required support for the candidates who cannot physically read a newspaper every morning.

● The Hindu is the best ap to refer to for the daily news and current affairs.

● The unbiased reporting and good app interface are what make The Hindu app a primary choice for the aspirants.


● Vision IAS App is another popular app for the preparation of the IAS exam. It has a well-curated dashboard and best app interface.

● Vision IAS continuously strives to make the app-based preparation an interactive one.

● The best-edited videos with good lectures, references, and curated learning videos make Vision IAS a popular choice among the aspirants. The app is designed to simultaneously facilitate good preparation in an efficient manner. This automatically guarantees good performance.

The well-curated online teaching programs on these apps will add a dimension to the preparation of the aspirants and will make them a part of the prestigious IAS.


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