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With the growing competition among different companies, professionals have started understanding the importance of customer satisfaction as they don’t want to share their profits with their competitors. “It is indeed, the satisfied customers who help these companies grow their business by making them generate more revenues by keeping buying again and again”, says Ilan Shatz.

As every customer has a voice these days, thanks to the different social media platforms and the ubiquity of the internet, businesses are feeling more and more vulnerable to negative comments and reviews from the unhappy customers, which may lead to their downfall anytime, if customer satisfaction is not taken care of. Hence, proper employee training is the need of the hour to ensure customer satisfaction as it is the new area of battle among companies after product and services.

Below are some of the main roles of employee training to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Complete Product Knowledge

Employee training is important to improve customer satisfaction because only a trained employee can help customers. It is not uncommon to see professionals trying to help customers with limited product knowledge or wrong process knowledge. These sets of professionals might have not the slightest idea that their limited knowledge of the product and the process can leave them more irate and frustrated. Some of the best industry leaders like Ilan Shatz stress enough the importance of providing product and process-related training to every employee of the company before making them give customer services.

Better People Skills

I don’t mind if you agree with me or not but most of the customers can see through those fake smiles over the call and even too much submissive behaviour can put them off. It does not matter, whether or not you are in the service industry but you can’t go very far without this important skill. Employees should understand that they have to embrace people’s skills not just for customer satisfaction but making it a way of their life so they must not come across as fake while giving customer services.

Better Communication Skills

Whether you believe it or not but almost 50% of the problems can be either avoided or solved just by having good communication skills. In businesses, it becomes all the more important to stress the importance of having good communication skills. There should be a proper training to enhance the communication skills of the employees because an employee having good communication skills will be able to hear the customers patiently besides making them understand what he is trying to say. These employees should understand that having good communication skills is beyond knowing a language well.

How Employee Can Enhance Customer Satisfaction – Ilan Shatz 1

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Conclusion: In today’s digital era, there is a growing competition among different companies with a potential vulnerability of getting bad reviews and losing out customers, if they left unsatisfied and this is where customer satisfaction comes into the picture. It is in fact, the new area of battle after product and services as bad customers can throw them out of the business. Hence, companies are realizing the importance of proper employee training to enhance customer satisfaction. Some of the main areas to focus while giving employee training include providing a complete product and process knowledge, people skills and communication skills as supported by Ilan Shatz. 


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